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    ID me

    Just an FYI for those that aren't aware. ID me works with a lot of retailers to give Military, veterans, LEO's, and others discounts. There are so many stores that give military discounts that I wasn't aware of. It's really easy to sign up.
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    Looking for a new belt stiff enough to carry OWB holster, but not interfer with pack belt. I have a Comp Tac international with about 1 1/2 inch drop. Rides below my duplex belt, but my current pants belt is a little too floppy.
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    Scopelist optics

    Anyone ever order from this website? Looking at some binoculars on sale for a pretty good price. Just never heard of this site before.
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    Colorado hiking suggestions

    Looking for any info about different areas of the state. My daughter wants to go backpacking with me in August. She's 24 and in pretty decent shape, but never been in the mountains or carried a pack. Looking at all different areas online to take her for a few days sight seeing. Considering...
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    Bugle sounds

    Reading the bugle report and watching you tube videos. From a long distance how can you tell if a bugle is a hunter or an elk. I'm a newb to elk hunting really. Been out to Colorado before but still don't know much. Maybe some hunters it's really obvious. But what if the caller is really...
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    victory xtorsion arrows

    Anyone shooting these? My brother just picked up some to play with and really likes them so far. I like the weight of them. Curious if anyone has any experience with these yet.
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    Colorado hunting atlas

    Just an FYI. The Colorado hunting atlas public land overlay is not very accurate. There is a lot more private land than I thought in the area we are going. Just a caution to others to make sure you know the boundaries, if there are any in your hunting area.
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    Boned out meat

    What is the best or quickest way to cool boned out meat in B.O.M.B. bags? That mass of boned meat has to hold a lot of heat.
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    Diaphragm call ?

    How do you know if you need to trim your calls a little. What is it supposed to fit like. I have a couple that I seem to blow better than others, but I don't know if some need trimming.
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    trail ?'s

    There is a marked trail that I want to use to gain elevation. Once at the top we can go in a few directions to access several drainages. All the trail maps have it as difficult. It's a 3000 foot elevation gain from 9k to 12k, they say 4 hours, and it's 4 miles to the top. For a flat lander...
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    sight tape / pin gap ?

    I'm curious how much my sight tape will be off going from 500 feet to 10,500 in Colorado. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm shooting 290fps and everything is good here in Michigan. I'll probably bring a target out west and shoot a few arrows by the truck which will be around...
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    Dehydrated meat

    How long can you store dehydrated burger? What is the best way to store it? Has anyone tried to dehydrated canned venison?
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    Boost Oxygen

    Anyone ever use Boost Oxygen in a can? I'm really curious if it helps at all? Is it worth putting in my pack for a 10 day back country hunt? How long will the large can last really?
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    How far can you hear bugles?

    Being very inexperienced and only having elk hunted a couple of times. I'm curious how far can you hear elk bugling. I'm sure the terrain has some to do with it. But can you hear them from a mile, less, more?
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    Colorado Non resident OTC

    In the past we've bought our tags when we get out there somewhere along the way. Considering purchasing them online this year. How fast does Colorado get them in the mail? They don't go on sale for another week. We are planning on leaving Michigan on September 7. I don't want to buy my tag...
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    Kuiu Kenai Insulated jacket

    Curious what are your thoughts on the Kuiu Kenai insulated jacket. I only archery hunt elk. We will be in Colorado September 8 thru the 22nd. Looking for an insulating light weight layer.
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    Sitka Jetstream Lite opinions

    Looking for a new early season archery jacket that is windproof. I don't see many people talking about this jacket. Don't know if I really need one or not with a rain jacket also.
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    Sitka Downpour jacket opinions

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this jacket. I know it doesn't have pit zips. But they are on clearance right now and I do like to save money :)
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    Rain jacket ?'s

    How important are pit zips to everyone? I find a lot more jackets without them than with them. Skre, First Lite, Sitka, etc... I getting ready to really look into some quality rain gear for back country hunting. Not sure if I want the Skre, First Lite vapor, Sitka Downpour, or just get the...
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    Colorado 70/71 fall rain

    When we were there the first two weeks of archery in 2015 it rained every day. Is that the normal weather pattern? Trying to decide on which rain gear I want to upgrade to. Something I may need and will spend most of the time in the pack. Or something that will get used daily.