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    Hill country central Texas

    You will be well served by your UL gear plus a mid-layer option for most days. I spent most of last Archery season in LW pants and LW hoody with a Fanatic fleece hoody in my pack when needed. There were cooler mornings where I added a LW merino base layer and a Stratus vest and only few...
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    Dog names

    Punkin - Lab Shadow - Lab Shiner - Anatolian/Pyrenees Hondo - Pyrenees
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    Sitka Camo Pattern For Elk

    I think it is safe to say that the importance of camo when hunting is often overstated as well as understated. We hunters continue to argue about it, mostly during the off-season, and it will never be resolved because it just can't be proven, one way or the other, to anyone's satisfaction...
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    Deodorant help...

    I get a rash from most deodorants including many unscented & hypoallergenic ones. The only ones I have found that work for me are the mineral salt stones and Schmidt's stick. I haven't found any wipes that work well for me so I use a camp soap & wash cloth when I can. Powder is nice to...
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    Kuiu Gila gear

    AZ_Hunter_2000 nails it here. I've had the opportunity to wear my Gila's (hoodies, crews & gaiters) during extended periods in hot conditions. The Gila is ideal for direct sun exposure in hot weather but does not allow air flow as well as the Tiburon or other higher permeable fabrics. I...
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    Midlayer question

    Since you already have insulated vests I would go with the Peloton 240 over the insulated snap shirt. It is warmer than the Klamath and provides protection from the wind. It won't pack as well as the snap shirt though.
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    First lite comp to Kuiu guide?

    The Catalyst pants would be the closest to the Kuiu Guide pants.
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    Battery Packs? What's good?

    I used to carry a Goal Zero Venture 30 but switched to a much lighter and compact Anker Powercore Slim 10k.
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    Kuiu attack/tiburon vs Sitka mountain/ascent

    In my experience the Mountain pants run pretty much true to size but the Ascents run small. My Ascents run pretty close to the same as my Kuiu pants.
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    Early Season (Archery) Layering Guidance and Help

    I'd be inclined to keep the FL vest and replace the UA jacket with a Peloton 240 Hoody.
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    Ranking the Quietest Soft Shell Jackets/Vests

    That has been my experience as well with the First Lite Catalyst. More quiet than the Sitka Jetstream or Kuiu Guide DCS jackets but far less effective at stopping wind. I think it also allows for greater range of motion but that might have something to do with mine fitting more loose than...
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    Backcountry Knife Situation

    Spyderco Stretch ZDP-189 and custom S90V fixed hunter. I have lots of other options and mix it up some but that's generally my go to.
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    Darn Tough alternatives

    I've had a similar issue with some Darn Tough styles I have. I've been extremely happy with First Lite socks for the last 2 seasons. Comfortable, supportive and warm with no circulation issues.
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    Pant noise?

    I found the Guide Lite pants less quiet than the Ascents but after a few washes both improved.
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    Kuiu Gila gear

    Update: Mine came in and I only had it on for about a half hour in high humidity heat (95) before it started pouring rain. Seems very close to the comfortable Redline fabric and as others have mentioned, does have a sheen to it on the Vias and Verde. I went from a Dri-release t-shirt to the...
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    Favorite Non-hunting Brand or Solid Color Pieces for Archery Whitetail

    Prana Zion Stretch pants, Marmot Scree pants and Patagonia Field pants are some of my favorite non-hunting branded pants for hunting. Patagonia R1 grid fleece zip tops are great mid-layers. Outdoor Research Ferrosi and Echo lines are great as well. Eddie Bauer First Ascent down vests &...
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    What First Lite piece of clothing?

    The Corrugate Guide pants, Klamath Hoody and anything Wick would all be at the top of my list. The Klamath Hoody is on sale right now ($104) as well as the Wick SS shirt ($56). The Tag Cuff Beanie ($30), Talus Fingerless Gloves ($25) and Aerowool Gaiter ($25) and a pair of socks ($21-29)...
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    Kuiu Gila gear

    I've got 2 coming in this week along with the Gila gaiters I bought during the 15% and free shipping promotion. I'm anxious to see how they compare to the Sitka Core LW Hoody which has been my go-to for extreme heat. It the fabric is similar to the Sitka Redline as AZ_Hunter_2000 mentioned...
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    Best Belt: Marsupial vs FL?

    Marsupial over the FL for me. Ditto on what ChrisAU said on the periodic re-tightening.
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    Soft shell jackets

    gooseblitz, your comments about the features you like about the Guide jackets leads me to believe that you would likely be happier sticking with the Guide. Going with the more expensive Jetstream might be worth it if you have larger arms and/or shoulders. I find it a bit more comfortable.