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    The 1 Thing You Learned- Cooking Wild Game

    In a pinch... I've pressure cooked FROZEN racks of pork ribs about 40 minutes, then tossed them on the grill for another hour to finish them off with heavy smoke. Not my best work (but way better still than most Chili's or Applebee's racks in any case). The pressure cooker has many times...
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    What’s the one tip you wish you were given

    Superb thread... excellent advice from many EXPERIENCED hunters!!! My advice to most young/new hunters is SLOW DOWN, STOP MOVING, and look WITH YOUR EYES... NOT your HEAD! (and practice shooting before you go out please!)
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    Quitting Alcohol

    Do what you WILL, harm none, and understand excess (of anything) is the downfall of humanity (and your person). This goes beyond personal consumption of what we "put" in our bodies and includes our "minds". Like WHEN hunting... if your listening to everything around you and taking it at the...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    And the other 1/2 of we "Texas Ranchers" enjoy hunting AND eating our feral hogs because they taste WAY better than market pork. It's true we sometimes have to do an eradication hunt when they get so thick they compete with our livestock for resources-- but I'll take a hog (any time of the...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    Spot on... and it's just fantastic that we have lost this basic science to the "market" which serves the general public "no so healthy" food in ALL demographic categories- not just the "food deserts" we hear about. At home here in Kansas-- we eat 80% elk, deer and feral pig (and some wild...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    If it's range (grass finished)... YES! If feed lot finished on several months of GMO corn... NO!
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    Ground Elk fat %

    And... when adding high-heat cheese (and some jalapeno to that sausage)... my sausage SHINES when cold smoked in buck sticks OR large loaf sausage.
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    Ground Elk fat %

    This is a fact... according to Jim Mayo (who is retired biology faculty at ESU Kansas, and a "prime" beef rancher)... grass fed beef is HIGH in healthy Omega3. But if sent to the feed lot, beef looses almost all the beneficial Omega3 and converts to Omega 6-- which isn't so good for us. He is...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    I also had some back-strap from my 2020 deer just tonight- grilled with some beet fat set right to the sides on the grill for some "flame" (and I rub the fat on the steaks while it's "flaming")... super flavor and beats $25/lb beef prime tenderloin all day long-- aren't we lucky to have such...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    To each their own. But I prefer a (juicy) rib eye to a (dry) sirloin and so when I can add it in- I do. But I save the pork fat for sausage I make from the rougher cuts (from elk and deer) I grind. Otherwise I use top grade (Cargill) beef fat in a HOT black iron skillet- much perferred! But...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    Fat HAS to be in there or it's "dry" and flavorless-- ESPECIALLY on sausage. I make a BEEF fat sausage (15%) and a PORK fat sausage (25%)- they are different but equally tasty. I serve the beef sausage with (any) steaks on the grill and the pork sausage goes well flattened out with eggs (and...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    On (clean) Kansas white tail deer, mixed with 20% beef fat... I have served HUNDREDS of burgers grilled for "townies" who never knew the difference (and I just don't tell them it's "deer meat" any more). New Mexico mule deer (off my old ranch for 20 years) also tasted perfect with this same...
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    Is classic hunting bolt action rifle dead or?

    Basic rifle is alive and well... but the old "classics" are now out of the working man's budget. Model700s/70s and Ruger 1's were sold used for under $400 ten years ago-- now they are $800. BUT... old Savage 110s (re-barreled) -- OR NEW Axis XP IIs, Ruger Americans, and a couple of "plastic"...
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    Ground Elk fat %

    For elk or deer... 20% beef fat for burger plus some powdered milk and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to keep the meat together and hold red color-- this WILL keep it preserved over YEARS in a DEEP freezer. For roasts and steaks... take beef fat (chunks/strips) and freeze it WITH with the red meat...
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    22-250 vs 223

    As the OP asked... what rifle to practice with? Trick question, right ;) We all chimed in with our own preferences and experiences so far. But I think it should ALSO be said (to the OP) that we should certainly "practice" with the gun we are actually going hunting with! As a re-loader, it...
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    Joe Rogan and Pot

    Funny to see that there are so many opinions of "perception" of who is what! Truth is, I KNOW several states in the US today that have MILLIONS of functioning THC users- most successful contributors to society. But I can't know this if I don't know them-- unless they are "GargilBlasted" Yes...
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    Joe Rogan and Pot

    Like alcohol, weed's always been there and about anyone can get it and it's been that way a long time. if you enjoy it or it helps medically- you're going to use it (whatever "IT" is). If you are an idiot and "IT" is used (your choice) to ruin you- that is sadly YOUR choice to abuse "IT"...
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    Talk me out of 7mm Rem Mag

    Just HAVE to add my 2 cents here... since my Model 700 7MM-RemMag has killed well over a dozen elk over the last 30 years or so. That includes the 365 bull on my wall from 1991 (my first elk). I called a 400 yard neck shot on a cow one year- dropped right into the spine (and dropped her on the...
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    Favorite Reticle

    Accurate ;) But VERY thin hairs in the middle in ANY case. Hate fat hairs! Like to shoot the eye 🎯 But for hunting in low light I realize thick hairs are easier to see, so fav would be a duplex thicker on the edges but still... SUPER thin at the "cross". Got some "dialers" with fancy...
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    Kansas new guy

    Emporia area last few years... but do a lot of pig hunting down in Texas (original digs in Austin/SW Texas/NM). But four deer a year here in KS (plus turkey, geese, ducks, and pheasant) isn't so bad either ;) Reload everything too (got any small pistol primers? -haha!) Welcome from another...