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    Best Sunglasses for Backcountry Hunting

    Inmo- definitely polarized! And amber or similar brown tinted lens. They help with seeing game by contrast, fish to looking into water. In snow grey is darker and better. Amber will also brighten again thru contrast on those cloudy or foggy days. I shoot and all the time with them, except a...
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    Iron Will Knife & Broadhead Giveaway

    Thanks opportunity!
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    Is the xtherm sleeping pad noisy?

    I have xtherm and find it is a little, not like the xlite tho! Put a bag on it and less, and less yet with a quilt. Thought it would bother me, but hadn’t in real world exhausted state...
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    WTS Kifaru 24” Bikini frame foliage

    Sold thanks Todd
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    Thumb release orientation

    I never was comfortable with thumb down drawing for some reason. Still aren’t. Your right, it actually is a form of tennis elbow. Probably compounded with weight training. Good point cause I have a band I could use from years ago! Feeling better with what I’ve adjusted to by not rotating...
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    Contest For 2 Bipods!

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    Thumb release orientation

    Thanks guys! I’ve been shooting thumb down for years and like it. But I start out pulling string back with thumb up and rotate down during draw back and developed a bicep pain. After taking some time off I tried thumb up as a start draw and hated it! Then I draw back and waited to rotate...
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    What's your strategy...for retirement?

    Definitely pay my self/family first. Bills and living, then always set aside something every month. Dave Ramsey fan. Yes I’ve bought plenty on credit. But tried to let bonuses be main source of hunting and fishing spend. Also developed a side gig to gear up for back country hunting and expand...
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    WTS Kifaru 24” Bikini frame foliage

    It’s light! But haven’t weighed yet
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    WTS Kifaru 24” Bikini frame foliage

    This bikini 4 years old So not sure what version it is. Yes it’ll fit the newer packs the pack that is shown is my tahr From last year
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    WTS Kifaru 24” Bikini frame foliage

    Those bels have one
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    WTS Kifaru 24” Bikini frame foliage

    Done 4 seasons, 7 days each so lightly used. Does have some spots in use. Straps are large and belt is medium. I’m selling only the frame no pack or pocket included. I’m traveling a lot for work and had time to snap this quick pic, but if interested contact me and I will take more pictures...
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    WTS XTherm Max long/wide

    Might be interested I’ll shoot pm
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    WTB Meopta Meostar HD 12x50 Binos

    I have a pair
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    Too many knife options... Which one?

    A good point you made about sharpening. A lot of knives listed here are in good steels even super steels and they are harder and harder to sharpen. Some thoughts would be to look at knives that come in a carbon steel as they are easy o sharpen. Steels I like are A2, O1. In a stainless that is...
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    Doc says stay away from the red meat

    The data, real data is overwhelming that lower your cholesterol is one if the best things you can do. Don’t smoke, loose weight too. Don’t have a birthday 😊. Basically for roughly 1% drop in LDL you get 1% drop in risk. Do math. Best place to be is where you were as a kid 50-60 ldl. Doesn’t...
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    Doc says stay away from the red meat

    Yes. I’ve read toothpaste causes cancer too. Working in healthcare I tell my family and especially my 80 yr old mom who reads a lot from google and people etc - that if medical information is not derived from actually trail data then it’s opinion or retrospective review of the past. In my...
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    Doc says stay away from the red meat

    There are other risk factors other than already having established cardiovascular disease for certain. Without CVD High bad cholesterol ie LDL Obesity Smoker Family history Age 45 / 50 men/women As best I recall. This used to be the guidelines - in part based the Framingham study which...
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    Iron Will Broadhead Drawing

    I won right...
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    Thumb release orientation

    Those that use a thumb release, do you rotate towards you ending up with thumb down? I do/did, but developed some muscle or tendon discomfort at the base of my bicep - traced back to rotating as I pull string back. Wondering if anyone has shot them thumb up and knuckles against your anchor...