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  1. lonedave

    Washington State Ewe Tag

    I let the cat out of the bag last night and my wife actually thought it was a good idea too....will wonders never cease!! She just said I needed to start saving my allowance!
  2. lonedave

    Washington State Ewe Tag

    Well I get to hunt sheep again, but this time for a ewe. Clemans Mt C tag from November 1 -18th. It'll be fun and I think I'll take my muzzleloader this time. What are everyone's thoughts on a mount to go along with my ram. I hadn't really thought about doing it before, but now that it's...
  3. lonedave

    Moving to Washington

    Head up highway 20 from Burlington and fish Ross Lake. Hike down to the resort pick up point from the highway parking lot. Call the resort from the phone there and they'll come across and pick you up. Rent a boat from them and fish for naturally reproducing trout in the lake. Fishing opens...
  4. lonedave

    Kuiu Talus Hybrid Pant Review, By Jim Carr

    Can I ask you what size you ordered? I'm just a hair taller (like about 1/2") and would probably buy a 34" waist to have room for a base layer. I was wondering if you ordered a larger waist size and that may be the reason for the placement of the waterproof fabric. I really like the looks of...
  5. lonedave

    Stevens 555

    Picked one up at Cabelas in .410 recently, but haven't had a chance to take it out yet. The fit and finish looks pretty good for the price. I need to polish the choke tubes a little, but they may clean up as I shoot it too. It should be a great little quail gun.
  6. lonedave

    WTS WTS Kuiu Ultra 6000 & Ultra 4000 full setup

    If by chance you split things up, I'd like to put my name in for the stalker 500. Thanks.
  7. lonedave

    Meat carrying day pack

    I'm with willfrye027 as I use my Ultra 3000 as a day pack too, though I've only carried one mule deer buck out with it. Looking at the new offerings from Kuiu, either the Ultra 2200 or slightly heavier Icon Pro 2200 should work pretty well for you.
  8. lonedave

    Any Pheasant hunters Here?

    I almost always chase chukars, but I did manage to go after a rooster once last fall.
  9. lonedave

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Civil Engineer for 38 years and hoping to move to retired in about 2 years, fingers crossed!
  10. lonedave

    Tri Cities, WA area fitness hikes

    You kids are quick...I might make it halfway in that time, but this old guy can still put one foot in front of the other!
  11. lonedave

    Puffy Comparison: Tear It Up!

    Eddie Bauer Downlight Stormdown hooded jacket. 800 fill down, $167.40 on sale right now. They may be a little heavy as my size large weighs 16 oz I think, though I don't know what they have for fill weight. I was able to pick one up last year for $88 on a real steal of a sale. It's a pretty...
  12. lonedave

    Back pack for 5 year old

    How about a Kuiu Stalker 500...Water, lunch, and an extra light coat or rain coat/wind breaker?
  13. lonedave

    Heavy pack advise

    "I like to put the pack on while sitting, roll over onto hands and knees and push up from there" This is how I do it. I carried a whole bull moose out solo in 7 trips 3 years ago at 57 and a small spike bull elk this year solo at 60. I also try to brace my back with my hands on my knees as I...
  14. lonedave

    Kuiu bags question!

    Go into the "Pack Full Kits" section of their website and build it from there. You'll need all three pieces and the total is $363 at the sale prices. That's 27% off their list price of $499. I'd personally add the hip pouches for another $15 too.
  15. lonedave

    Tri-Cities BHA pint night

    I didn't know we had a local group. I'll be in Phoenix or I'd come down. Any other future get togethers planned?
  16. lonedave

    Puffy jacket on a serious budget

    Coot down....I love it!!!
  17. lonedave

    Moose goat and sheep to once in a lifetime in Montana?

    Washington has always been OIL for sheep and moose, but not goats. When the state made goats once in a lifetime in 1997, they didn't go back and disqualify those that had drawn in years past, they just started everyone fresh from there. We had started the points game the year before and that...
  18. lonedave

    What kind of sheep - heavily broomed or not

    Bighorns - broomed, Dall and Stones - tipped
  19. lonedave

    Unlimited Hunt or $1250 in raffle tickets

    Your success rate isn’t 2.6%. It is what you make it. The success rate statistic = number of kills/number of tags. It considers with the same amount of weight the guy that lived out of his backpack for 2 weeks and saw sheep or maybe even passed up a ram just as it considers the guy that bought...
  20. lonedave

    Non-Resident to Resident Points?

    I don't really have any input on staying in or not as a non-resident, but I can validate your 66 year old timeline. I started putting in for sheep here in Washington as a 14 year old resident in 1972. I finally drew in 2014 after putting in every year for 42 years, luckily all as a resident...