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    WTB WTB: ATS 80 Stay on Case

    Just wondering if anyone has one they are looking to get rid of or if anyone has seen one cheaper than the $290 fixed pricing. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best deal on a Ridgeline?

    These rifles seem pretty price-fixed. Anybody seen a deal or have any leads on getting a deal on these? The best Ive found is on gunbroker for ~ $1900. Paying retail kills me so I’m looking for the best deal out there. Thanks for the help.
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    WBY MKV Ultra Lightweight 300 Win Mag

    Have a Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight chambered in 300 WinMag for sale. The rifle has ~100 rounds through it and I bought it brand new 1 1/2 years ago. It has some 30mm Talley lightweight rings that I can either pull off or can go with the gun. I had Weatherby install an Accu-Brake ($224)...
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    First Lite Sawtooth Vest XL- Fusion

    Have a NWT Sawtooth vest for sale in fusion camo. Size is XL. Looking for $115 TYD. I can email or text pictures if you want. Men's Hybrid Sawtooth Vest
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    First Lite Vapor Stormlight Rain Jacket Fusion XL

    Have a NWT stormlight rain jacket in XL Fusion. $200 TYD. Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Jacket
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    WTB: NovaGrade Phone Adapter

    Looking for a phone adapter just as the title says. Let know if you you have one your looking to part with. Thanks.
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    WTT First Lite Uncompagre Puffy XL Black

    Looking to trade a black XL for green or brown if anyone has one. Mines used but in great shape and less than a year old. I would prefer pine green but open to dry earth and maybe conifer. I would also sell for $140 PayPal gift or add 3%. Thanks for looking.
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    Fully Prepped 300WM Brass- 138 pieces

    I have 138 pieces of mixed headstamp, once fired 300WM (mostly Federal and Hornady) that is fully prepped. The brass just needs to be primed and loaded. ~20 cases are nickel plated, the rest are regular brass. These were factory loads so the one firing was not a hot load. Here is how it was...
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    Scopecoat, Leupold Cover

    Have a like new neoprene scopecoat cover for sale. I had it on a VX5 3-15X44 and it fit great. Due to the neoprene construction It should fit a bit larger or smaller no problem. Its in new condition other than a grab loop I sewed on the bottom rear to assist with removal. If you don't care for...
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    Leupold VX5HD 3-15X44 CDS-ZL2 Windplex (171715)

    I have a Leupold VX5HD 3-15X44 CDS-ZL2 with the windplex reticle for sale. Its Leupold part number 171715. Its been mounted but shows no ring marks nor signs of use. Before listing it I sent it back to the factory for a once over and everything checks out, just got it back. It has an unused CDS...
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    Zeiss V6 3-18X50

    Looking for some feedback on this scope. Reviews are tough to find but if its reliable it may be the scope everyone wants. Im far less concerned with the glass as I am function, although it would be nice to have both. Basically I want the repeatability of night force without the weight. It would...
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    Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack

    My wife bought me this to use as a diaper bag when my daughter was born and it was just easier to lug around the flower pattern vera bradley bag she used :) Its in brand new condition, olive green color. Would work great as a diaper bag, CCW pack, or around town messenger bag. I can text...
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    Fierce Fury

    Anyone have any hands on experiencene with these rifles? Looks like a lot of rifle for the money and if you can live without fluting you can save a lot over the edge.
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    CO GMU 3,4,5,301,441 4th season cow

    Just wondering if there was anyone with experience in these units to bounce some ideas off of. I'm heading up to scout and check the hunting pressure during 3rd season and I already have places to look but I was wondering if anyone that has hunted these units during 4th season could either...
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    What rifle am I trying to buy?

    Im looking for a new rifle but am struggling to find the perfect one. I can list out my criteria and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions: -Budget: sub $2200 for the rifle. I have a Leopold VX5 i will top it with. -Purpose: Elk, I'm leaning real hard toward a .30 caliber option. (I have...
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    Remington 700 restock

    Looking for suggestions for a new stock for my 700. Looking for some kind of composite/ synthetic that can stand up to a beating. I'm looking at bell and Carlson, McMillan, and HS precision unless you have additional ideas. I held a bell and Carlson stock and wasn't too impressed with the fit...
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    On X Colorado chip

    I just updated this a few days ago so it is current and good to go, good as new. Looking for $90 paypal gift or add %3. I can text pictures of you need. Thanks.
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    WTT- AGC Hybrid Max for FHF pack

    I have the AGC Hybrid Max in coyote that I'm looking to trade. This pack is in new condition, just doesn't quite suit my needs. Looks like this: Alaska Guide Creations Hybrid MAX Bino Harness I'm looking for a FHF pack and rangefinder pouch that will fit 10X42 SLC's in foliage, multicam, or...
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    Garmin 64S

    Have a Garmin 64S (orange model) for sale. It has had a screen protector on its whole life and I will leave it on for the new buyer. Accepts onXMaps chips. Looking to get $175 PayPal gift or add %3. If you interested in a CO OnX chip along with the unit that can be negotiated. Will not sell the...
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    Bead blasted stainless finish repair?

    I have a Remington 700 that has the bead blasted stainless barrel and action. The barrel is starting to show some of its use and Im curious of there is any way to "polish" out the scuffs for a lack of better terms. They don't effect the function in any way so its not a real big deal but I...