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    Looking for a good youth pack

    Same as above, I started the kids with the Dueter 30 then went to the 40, then switched my 12yr old last yr to the wife's 55L osprey which worked great for him on a 10 day sheep hunt, also packed his mule deer out with this pack. Next yr I will get him the new SG 3300 solo pack for his 10 day...
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    Snowshoe Footwear and basics?

    Going to be my first yr getting into snowshoeing, Sold the snowmobile so need a cheaper hobby. What boots do most of you wear?? Any tips for a newbie? Think I did a good job researching shoes and will probably go with the MSR lighting ascents???. Most travel will be snow covered roads, be some...
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    Back pack Food weight/cals for 12 yr old????

    Being less then 30 days away from taking my 12 yr old son (13 in a month) on his first 10 day stone sheep hunt. I have my food dialed down to between 2800-3500cals that average 1.75lbs/day, this works for me but the question I have is have any taken their kids out for this long and what has...
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    Crispi Boots in Canada??

    Where can we find these Crispi boots in Canada??? I'm not paying $50 CAD for shipping and who knows how much for Duty. You think somewhere would sell these in the big country of Canada. Dropping $500 bones a pair of boots we can't even try on to see if we like them or what the different types...