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  1. Felix1776

    T/C Pro Hunter ML barrel w/ Nikon

    Looking to sell my Pro Hunter Endeavor muzzleloader barrel with Nikon inline XR 3-9x40 BDC scope. I'm willing to separate the barrel and scope if someone wants it that way but I'd prefer selling it together. I have the rear sight for the barrel but had to remove it to fit the scope. It will be...
  2. Felix1776

    What does a poor guy wear to hunt the mountains?

    I made the mistake of buying a house just a few months before my first elk season. I've got other more crucial gear (pack, boots, etc.) I need to upgrade to get ready so I'll probably have to skimp on clothing. Since I don't have Sitka or First Lite money right now, What would you guys...
  3. Felix1776

    T/C Pro Hunter for western hunting?

    I'll be doing my first muley and elk hunting in Colorado this year. I had initially planned on selling my Pro Hunter ML to get a mid-range bolt gun. The problem is that I have ALL of my other backcountry gear that I need to buy (pack, sleep system, etc.) so money will likely be tight. I've...
  4. Felix1776

    How realistic is weekend-only elk hunting?

    I'm currently planning and preparing for my first elk hunt (and probably mule deer, too) now that I'm in Colorado. The good news is I just started a good job. The bad news is that I have to accrue my time off and I'm thinking I won't have much available to take a week off to elk hunt this fall...
  5. Felix1776

    Long time lurker, First time poster.

    Sort of anyways. I've actually been a member for a year but haven't really posted much. I moved from Indiana to Colorado in the past few months. I'm going to be leaning on you guys to get me up to speed on mountain hunting. I've worked out most of my life but have prioritized my fitness since I...