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    WTS Badlands 2200

    Bought it before elk hunt last year. Doesnt fit me real well. Great pack otherwise. Like new condition. Ordered a MR Pintler to replace it. $150 shipped obo
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    Vortex or Leupy small scope

    Was going to buy a vx3 2.5-8 for my lightweight 30-06 but found the vortex razor hd lh 1.5-8's for about same price on closeout. Only vortex I own is a rangefinder that's been spot on and Ive never had a problem with any leupolds in the past. I don't doubt the reputation of the vx3 but is the...
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    Not your typical OTC Colorado Question

    Buddy and I are thinking of an OTC elk rifle hunt this fall. Im curious if there is some free site that tells about each unit like how the WY hunt planner does? Like availibilty of camping, public access etc. All ive found so far is gohunt or little advice in articles etc. The CWP website...
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    Antelope Experience Question

    I have one point that I bought for WY last year. There is a good possibility that if I go this year it will be solo. I have never hunted antelope before and went on my first western hunt back in dec to NM on a cow elk muzzleloader hunt. I want to hunt an antelope, I don't care if its a doe...
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    Hiking with a Frontstuffer

    All hunters dream of heading out west and pursuing big game in the mountains. I've wanted to head west to chase an elk or speedgoat for a long time but this year the dream finally became reality. Back in July, I found a leftover muzzleloader cow elk tag for New Mexico. Friend of mine lives in...
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    Sidearms in NM

    curious if a sidearm is legal in NM for ML season? Never know about wierdos in the woods and if some predator might want to wander in while cleaning game. I do have a CWP that is reciprocated in NM. but just curious
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    Iron sights

    Curious who hunts with irons peep or leaf? Whats farthest youve killed with em?
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    I need boots

    Going on NM muzzleloader elk hunt in Dec. Nothing I own is probably up to the task. I hate to spend 400 bucks on a pair of boots that I'm gonna use one time and then might be 2 years before I get to go west again. I'm kinda limited here in SC to have places to try on kenetrek and such. I do...
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    Newbie going for it

    Been wanting to go out west for awhile, just never could make it happen or talk myself out of it. Ran across a landowner muzzleloader cow tag for NM a week or so ago. Bit the bullet and I'm going for it. Will be getting help from a fellow Clemson Alum that lives out there. I'll be full of...
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    NM landowner tag

    Preface with Ive never hunted out west. Found a guy with a NM unit wide landowner voucher for sale. Muzzleloader Cow. In addition to the voucher I'm guessing I need to buy a NM hunting license which looks to be $347 bucks plus a few stamps/permits. Does that sound right? Anything I should...
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    Ruger no1 B 243 Winchester FS

    Black pad 243 Winchester for sale. Couple use dings but shoots very well. Had 2 front studs and I replaced one with a marlin bullseye to cover up the hole. Comes with rings for $850 shipped from individual to your ffl. If you want the scope, it is a cabelas instinct 3-9x40 made by meopta. $250...
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    I need a rangefinder

    What do ya'll use and what do I need to stay away from? was recommended the leica crf1000 by a buddy.
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    Elk load

    what is ya'lls go to elk load? My knight likes 300gr xtp's in green sabot over 100gr pyrodex. Not sure that bullet would put 2 holes in an elk. Anyone have experience with no excuse bullets or used great plains bullets for elk?
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    Yamaha TW200 out west

    Ive been wanting one of these bikes for a few years to tool around the state forest roads here where you cant legally ride dirtbikes but registered motorcycles are fine. Can you use bikes on BLM, state land in say Wyoming? Could throw it on a hitch haul on the back of the truck. Would be good...
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    Paqck frame

    Picked up a badlands 2200 a few years ago for all around day pack but looking at getting a frame for packing meat out west and corn and stuff here. I like the shelf type where I can throw a 5 gal bucket on it if I want. Anyone have any experience with a bullpac or alpz commander? Also read...
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    Carolina Boy

    Been wanting to head out west for awhile and someone put me on this site a few days ago. I'm from midlands of SC and chasing ducks is my main focus. The furthest west Ive gone is annual trips to AR for fat greenheads. Been trying to get a plan to go chase something out there but can never get...