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    WTS Swarovski SV 10x42 EL

    Good deal here!
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    WTS Chris Reeve Large Inkosi BNIB

    Good guy to deal with, his knives are always as described.
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    Rokslide Member Promo Codes

    Thanks for the list tug, much appreciated.
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    Illuminated vs non

    If you want to coyote hunt at night I would get illumination otherwise I wouldn't.
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    Oh So Close!

    Good story Paul...gets ya in the mood!
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    New Hunting Gear / Footprints on the Moon

    Tried but don't know how to get there(to like), I even kinda liked the song and that's unusual because I only listen to 60's-70's Rock and Roll.
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    Critter attacks in camp

    I had a mountain goat try and come into my tent. I punched it as it was rubbing up against the side. It ran off. Woke up the next morning and he was bedded down 15ft away. Maybe you knocked it out! I've had all sorts of scary things in my camps...usually just the wind!
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    WTS FS: Swarovski ATX 95mm kit.

    If you've been thinking about a ATX, this is a Great Deal and you can buy with confidence from Broomd.
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    Good Guy List

    I guess I don't know or understand this for feature. Jskaanland said: Please go to his profile and leave a rating for him under the feedback tab.
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    WTS Leupold VX5HD 3x18x44 w/Rings

    Is this a 3-18 or 3-15?
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    deleting threads

    Good Question, I just tried to delete one and couldn't, I can't delete PM's either.
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    WTS Book to read

    PM your address please.
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    WTS Book to read

    I just finished " Grizzlies Don't Come Easy" by Ralph Young, interesting book. If you would like to read it I'll send it to ya, no charge, as long as you do the same when you finish. Terry
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    WTS Benchmade 550-1 - 20cv - Like New

    I'll take it. PM sent.
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    Colorado Draw Results posted May 3rd

    Congratulations on your Dads draw, hope someone can help you out.
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    A warning.....

    Sorry to hear it Frank, good luck on recovery...if not, good luck with insurance. Either way, what a PITA!
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    WTS/WTT FS/FT Swarovski el 10x42

    The only difference is the current model has the Field Pro kit, the strap attachment points are different.
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    If you have a spam blocker on your email......

    Maybe you can help write Trump's speeches!😀
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    What do you use for backcountry communications

    I see that a lot of you use the inreach with your phone, do you need your phone also or just makes it easier. I don't really want a phone along.