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    Contest For 2 Bipods!

    06 thank you.
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    Kimber Subalpine

    I noticed this also. The NEW subalpine now has a muzzle break on them. The older model did not.
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    FNG from PA

    Welcome. I’m in south hills of Pittsburgh
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    Car seats in midsize trucks?

    I had a Tacoma extended cab 5 speed manual.when we found out we were having another kid I felt that I couldn’t drive safely with another car seat behind the driver. If you really want a mid size truck definitely get the crew cab. I ended up getting a crew cab Tundra. There is a ton of room in...
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    2018-19 Rokstaff Gear Lists

    Fantastic info. All seasons/months covered. Thank you
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    Poison Ivy and the like

    A friend of mine swears by this. ZANFEL. And the reviews are great. All I asked him was “does it work on balls”. I haven’t had poison ivy in over a decade. It’s pricey, but if your itching bad enough any price will be paid for relief...
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    Grouse populations

    Pennsylvania is the opposite. At least where I’m hunting. Not many to been seen. Some years are better than others
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    WTS FS Browning AB3 6.5 creed NIB

    Where are you located?
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    Ripped Off On Gun Broker Purchase?

    In the end it all worked out. Good on you for being persistent and patient.
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    Newfie moooose

    Congratulations. Beautiful country.
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    Lets see you hunting/daily driver rig (Pics)

    2017 Tundra. I really like the cap. Keeps everything clean and dry. Crew cab rear seats are huge.
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    Pa Deep forest hunters

    At our camp in McKean county south of Smethport they can be bad at times. We were just there this past weekend for trout fishing and a couple people found them on their clothes. I personal have never had a major issue with them. I use Sawyers spray.
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    NHL Playoffs posts

    Let’s go Pens! It’s a long shot this year for them to win.
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    doing it one more time

    Good luck. My dad has one for some crazy drywall cart.
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    Newbie from PA

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    PA Black Bear Solo?

    My group of hunters has had success hunting PA bears somewhat solo. Our group does not drive for bears. We find food and location of them and everyone goes to that area. The area is anywhere from 1 sq mile to a couple hundred yards. Everyone is sitting or slowly walking a general area. All...
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    Looks like we're being SPAMMED!!!!!!

    They are back!
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    Thank you
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    Are paper maps a dying breed??

    I get one for the area I’m hunting in from MyTopo and carry it in the rear pocket on my AGC. I also always have a state atlas in the truck. It gives a larger perspective instead of the small gps or phone screen.