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  1. Bullmark

    WTS Stainless Rem700, 7-08mm, youth model, mint

    As the title says I have Rem700 youth rifle in 7-.08. Stainless 20” barrel and action. Just replaced factory trigger w/ a new Timney. Black synthetic factory stock, rifle is an ADL model, so no BM. My son has outgrown it and wants it sold to fund a different rifle build. Less than 50...
  2. Bullmark

    WTS Crispi Wild Evos...never worn

    I have a pair of size 11.5 Crispi Wild Evo Insulated boots. I bought them roughly 5-6 yrs ago and should have returned for a larger size. I loved the boots and had never seen that level of craftsmanship and quality of leather. They were small on me but I thought they would stretch....and they...