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    WTS Hanwag Ancash Mens US 10

    Hanwag Ancash ll GTX Mens US Size 10 Bought these right before my hunt to try and solve heel slip issues, which they did magnificently. Great boot unfortunately there Is a little bit too much room in the toes for my foot(they are made to be roomier in the toe box). Very well made boot. I will be...
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    Poll ?: Archery PRONGHORN stalk vs sitting water

    Interested in how you all did on your antelope archery hunts(Since mine is coming up) Let’s get a poll going. 2 Questions: Did you stalk or sit water? Did you stick one or eat a tag? want to hear all answers as to get an idea as to what is more successful, and hear any stories you want to...
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    Sold GPO 12.5x50

    Looking to buy used, demo, open box, etc. German Precision Optics HD 12.5x50 Also open to any new deals people know of. Thank you.
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    Archery Antelope- likely tables, Modoc, CA

    Won the lottery on an archery antelope tag for likely tables California. Season opens Aug 7th. Haven’t been up there to look around. Planning to scout/look around several days before it opens. I’m hoping to be able to spot and stalk. Should I try to borrow a ground blind? I’m 3” bull at 75 yards...
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    Elk tag blues…

    Having a tough go this year with elk tags. No luck on Dec 1st for Idaho, No luck in Wyoming draw, my “for sure draw” in Colorado even failed. Now, last chance is 2nd rifle Colorado. Can go 2nd rifle in the same zone I tried to draw for 1st rifle. I’ve never hunted Co. I’ve read the numbers and...