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  1. Fjryan

    What are your favorite big game harvest bags?

    What size bag for a bone in black bear? Will a deer size work or should I get a larger, elk size, bag? And where do Koola bags fall in the quality spectrum? Any experience out there?
  2. Fjryan

    Post wildfire habitat

    Could go either way, I guess. There’s a gland that isn’t too far away but it’s damn hot this year. There’s also some ridge lines in the other direction that haven’t burned but I don’t know what the food and water situation is in that area. Hopefully they’ll get this fire closed down and I can...
  3. Fjryan

    Post wildfire habitat

    Yeah, I still can’t get in to see how bad it is burned. I know the animals love the new growth, I just don’t know how long it takes to show up. Thanks!
  4. Fjryan

    Post wildfire habitat

    We have a big fire running through the GMUs that are local to me and I’m looking for info on how long it takes for deer habitat to recover enough for the animals to return. I imagine that there are a lot of factors but I’m trying to make a plan for this season and don’t know if I should just...
  5. Fjryan

    6.5 PRC or 7mm SAUM

    The Long Range Pursuit podcast did an episode on 7mm rounds back in October. They refer to 6.5 PRC several times as a comparison but they’re firmly in the 7mm camp and include some data about drops, recoil, and how they do recommendations for customers...
  6. Fjryan

    Open or covered turrets

    Thanks, guys, for the info. I also found a article “Hash Marks or Turrets” that Robby Denning has up on here just after I posted the question. I’m still a few years or a major budget review away from getting a Nightforce or similar high quality piece. I’m looking at Athlon’s HMR, BTR, or...
  7. Fjryan

    Open or covered turrets

    I’m wanting to upgrade my low dollar starter duplex scope with something a mid range option. The rifle is being used for backpack hunting mule deer in eastern Washington. I’d like to know peoples’ opinions on the reasons they like having turret covers vs open turrets. Does using a scope cover...
  8. Fjryan

    New guy in Richland, WA

    Just relocated to SE Washington. New to hunting and wanting to learn as much as I can about backcountry hunting.
  9. Fjryan

    Custom Home - Must Haves?

    Putting an apartment over the garage is on my dream list. Perfect place for family or friends to stay on a visit so they’re not in your space. You can use it as an office or even rent it out if you want. Or a doghouse for when you buy that next sick rifle without telling Mrs BadJohn.
  10. Fjryan

    Mystery Ranch vs. Exo

    Do you have any knowledge or experience about how the pack manufacturers or retailers handle returns? I’d love to be able to do a side by side comparison to find the perfect fit but don’t have the income to purchase multiple packs. If I keep them clean, maybe test drive them around the...