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    680 ewe tag

    Congrats. The tag gives you a reason for a great adventure. A guy could always go up to Montana (or somewhere else new where there are nice Rams) on the same adventure and just take the spotting scope and camera, but we seldom take time to do things like that.
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    Idaho Moose 36-A

    Congratulations on the tag. Would love to hunt that unit.
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    27-2 Idaho Mountain Goat hunt

    Congrats on the tag. I may know where some have been killed. I need to look at the hunt map, It seems like 27-2 goats is not 27-2 sheep.
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    Unit 37 Idaho Sheep

    Congratulations! Magnificent county! Sheep hunting is mainly about sitting behind your scope from a good spot. My buddy drew the middle fork, so I get to go!
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    My 2020 Idaho Mountain Goat adventure in video

    Loved the video, my son has put in for goats the last 6 years. No luck this year, it will be great when he does draw.
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    Idaho 2021 results are out

    My son drew sheep 8 years ago on first try, no luck on goats since. Maybe next year.
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    2019 Sheep "meatpole"

    Great photo, beautiful ram, ideal!
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    Let's see your mountain goat pics!

    Great billy with traditional gear.