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  1. Dirtbag

    Hunters kill charging grizzly, Idaho

    Agreed. We need to start reducing populations outside of the park and actively deterring bears when in proximity of humans regardless. I don't want anyone getting hurt, whether its a hunter, park visitor so on because we refuse to proactively reduce populations to sustainable levels and deter...
  2. Dirtbag

    Hunters kill charging grizzly, Idaho

    Island Park is just a hop, skip, and jump from Yellowstone for a bear. Yellowstone is basically the rich private school for bears. Its funny, because many on this forum chastised the idea of proactively managing bears and using to proven deterrents inside the park to prevent human...
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    Electronic callers

    I've spent thousands on e-callers over the years. In regards to the remote, you'll like the TX-1000 remote way more than what you have on the scorpion, they are well lit and not that hazy red backlight with tiny font. The TX remotes are more like reading a computer or smartphone. These remotes...
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    2021 Antelope Hunting Success Stories

    Wyoming Red Desert 2021
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    Photography- one photo a day

    They're rutty in Wyoming. Good luck to all.
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    Ford Car Play

    That sucks, I had a GMC for a work pickup that did the same thing, cost $1500 to do it. seems like its a not so uncommon issue with the big screen type radios.
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    Help with career change

    This. If I could go back and do it all over again I'd strongly consider going this route. Very possible to learn a trade, start your own company, make good money and have a bit more personal freedom.
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    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    I could have really done without finding this in Kansas.
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    The amount of

    I'm also blown away, but I think its great. When it comes to clothing much of it is subjective in regards to fit, feel and need. It's cool knowing I can sell pieces I end up not using or get a good deal on something of quality.
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    Disturbing Yellowstone wildlife.

    That's great. I'm glad you have embraced wildlife management now that its hypothetically affecting you personally.
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    Disturbing Yellowstone wildlife.

    There are plenty of people that would make that case for them everywhere. You're pro wildlife management or your not. We shouldn't stop managing grizzlies because we drew a line on a map.
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    Disturbing Yellowstone wildlife.

    There are many methods in keeping bears away from humans. Some lethal, most non lethal. We don't tolerate it anywhere else but national parks and touristy mountain towns. If this bear and her cubs hung around your house, drive way and so on, again you'd be singing a different tune to a...
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    Disturbing Yellowstone wildlife.

    I commented on the last thread and still feel the same. She is ignorant, but she is basically on the sidewalk. I maintain the position that bears shouldn't be anywhere near a sidewalk or places where we direct human congregation. People with only the knowledge they receive from the zoo and...
  14. Dirtbag

    First Lite layering system

    I would recommend only using FL's merino as your next to skin layer. In my experience it is not very durable when exposed to brush, backpack straps, or really anything that might compromise the fine wool. I had merino next to skin and mid-layers and my mid layers didn't last two seasons.
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    This raheet here will do

    Cant tell if he failed the education system or if the education system failed him.
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    Survey - Will the CPW system crash today for Leftovers?

    I did everything by the book, and was waiting right at the residency portion at 8:00am, and was not put into queue until 8:59, didnt get through until 9:07 when everything was gone.
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    Darwin award:

    I don't know how I feel about this and our policies regarding wildlife in national parks in general. Is she ignorant, yes, but Its also easy for us to point and laugh because everyone on this forum is more knowledgeable about wildlife than 90% of the public because we went out of our way to...
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    Poll: How Many Moved For Hunting?

    seems like Wyoming is holding on the longest to true western lifestyle, unfortunately though, in the research I've done on the few towns i'd want to live in that can support my lifestyle, the cost of living is still pretty up there, but Wyoming may still be in the running.
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    Poll: How Many Moved For Hunting?

    I'm strongly considering a different approach than most in regards to this. Plenty of people move to Colorado for hunting opportunities, but the writing is on the wall that Colorado will be full blown CA in the years to come and its getting ridiculously expensive to live here(like much of MT...
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    Odd question was asked before setting up a interview from a manager?

    Employers have the right to hire and reject candidates the same as employees reserve the right to name their price for their time and effort. Employment is a negotiation and a two way street. I’ve been on both sides of hiring negotiations. If you think they are overpriced, that’s fine but...