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  1. gfreidy

    recommended stove pipe length for Cimarron?

    I use 7 for cimarron. 5 for silvertip.
  2. gfreidy

    Zpack pocket tarp equivalent

    I went down the same path. Still intrigued about the pocket tarp but ended up going with the Kifaru Sheep Tarp at 9.0oz. Enjoy it so far.
  3. gfreidy

    Livability of a Seek Outside Redcliff

    Sounds like the courthouse also would work.
  4. gfreidy

    Talk me into a Seek Outside pack

    Just curious about the conditions that lead you to gravitate and choose from these packs. I think capacity wise they run: Merlin, Flight, Divide, Unaweep, Lanner, Unaweep/Merlin. Merlin is a daypack/add-on capacity. Flight seems to be an early season option. How do you choose from Divide...
  5. gfreidy

    Cimmaron nest

    I choked on my drink with this comment...great reply!
  6. gfreidy

    Seam sealing new seek outside cimarron

    I have sealed three shelters and each time it has become easier. Definitely worth doing on my own and spend the savings in other gear. The keys are: set it up tightly, thin with mineral spirits, take your time, have a cloth to wipe errant drips, let it cure. I typically set min up in the...
  7. gfreidy

    Down or Synth for Rain/Cold

    Good question, but for what it is worth EE no longer uses treated down in their new quilts.
  8. gfreidy

    Best UL Bivy paired with Seek Outside DST

    Great suggestion. Appreciate the tip!
  9. gfreidy

    Backpack tent

    You can watch for "Factory second" sales from SO. They just had one this past Friday. I picked up a Cimarron in November as a Factory Second and I cannot find any flaw whatsoever, but I do appreciate the 15% discount. I also have the DST and the Silvertip. I love the Cimarron, but man...
  10. gfreidy

    SO Eolus or Silex?

    Hoping they have either on their factory seconds sale this week!
  11. gfreidy

    Seek Outside glass tarp

    Still curious if a 3P vestibule can be pitched independent of the LBO base. Any thoughts? I kind of expect the pole pocket to be in the base and the vestibule to only have a zipper without a tie out on the peak.
  12. gfreidy

    Seek Outside glass tarp

    Was gifted a sheep tarp (thanks nephew!). Looks like it will be just fine as a glassing shelter and UL sleep shelter. Anxious to try it out during scouting.
  13. gfreidy

    Best UL Bivy paired with Seek Outside DST

    I might be wrong, but when I was on the EE site it looks like they have discontinued their bivys. Nothing makes you want something like it being discontinued!
  14. gfreidy

    SO LBO Tarp question

    Maybe you are right. I do think you will find quite a few in this forum that will disagree with you about SO “sloppily designed” and “poor execution”. Of the outdoor companies I put my trust in, Seek Outside has earned their way to the top on my list.
  15. gfreidy

    Seek Outside glass tarp

    Question: Can the LBO 3P vestibule be used independently from the LBO base? Looking for a glassing/emergency shelter and prefer it to be as light as possible. Leaning towards the Kifaru sheep tarp, but I have had outstanding use of all my SO shelters (DST, Silvertip, Cimarron). Just prefer...
  16. gfreidy

    Carry 8x32 and pack 15x56

    Just curious. I am considering carrying small 8xs and packing 15x binos for my general deer hunts. The country I hunt is big river break type country and I feel I could definitely use 15s to scour the region but wanted to maintain smaller glass for general use and helping to pull apart the...
  17. gfreidy

    Getting burned by gear sales

    Take advantage of the 10 year anniversary sale and added a Stove for your new Cimarron!
  18. gfreidy

    Best UL Bivy paired with Seek Outside DST

    Silex would be tempting! But it wasn’t available when I got the DST. I have also found the DST to be very versatile and easily accommodate two folks.
  19. gfreidy

    Best UL Bivy paired with Seek Outside DST

    I have used a DST as a shelter for three years. Used it in all kinds of conditions. I pair mine with the EE Recon bivy. Works slick. It does a few things for me. 1) splash protection on sides and foot 2) great bug net 3) since I use a quilt it helps to hold my sleep system together.
  20. gfreidy

    SO Silvertip

    Pulled the trigger on one this summer along with a cub u-turn. Excited to use this fall. Will use Silvertip by itself for two people during early archery and the combo for myself as the weather turns cooler. Have only set up so far in yard and burned in stove. Looks solid.

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