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  1. HunterMcWaters

    Film Festivals

    Hey Guys, I am thinking of submitting some films from the upcoming season in some festivals. these first films will be rifle hunts so Full Draw is out. what other festivals do you guys enjoy? thanks! hunter
  2. HunterMcWaters

    Hilleburg: biting the bullet

    ok, guys, although the price tag hurts, for several reasons, mainly durability and design, i believe i have all but made up my mind to pull the trigger on a hilleburg shelter. ill be spending 6 days on kodiak this year and i want to have a comfortable, spacious, bomb proof shelter. i would...
  3. HunterMcWaters

    Kuiu Tents??

    Hey Guys, I have a trip to Kodiak Island coming up. We will be flown into the alpine, so an UL tent set up is not what is needed. I want to take a 2 man tent so i have more room for gear storage, etc. main goals: dryness and durability in the face of strong winds. My current 2 man tent is...