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    Crossbow Vanes

    Now before everyone hates on the crossbow I am helping out a coworkers dad and re-fletching a couple bolts for him. However I have no experience with a crossbow so want to make sure I do it right. One has Bohning Bolt vanes on it and the other has a different 3" low profile vane. All I have...
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    WTS InReach Mini

  3. CB4

    WTB Gold Tip Pierce Platinum

    Looking for 300 spine. At least 29" in lenght. Uncut is ideal.
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    WTS Black Eagle Rampage 300 & 250

    11 BE Rampage 300 spine - 26 1/4” carbon to carbon - 50 grain brass inserts NEW PRICE - $90 shipped Text me for a faster response 641-895-5254
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    Easton Axis - Flaw/Issue?

    Has anyone ever seen an Easton Axis 5mm arrow mushroom at the base of where the insert is? I was inspecting my test arrows last night and notice there is a ridge/mushroom on the arrow right where the backend base of the insert would be inside the shaft. It is easier to see on the 300 spine...
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    BMA - King of the Hill 3D

    Anyone planning on shooting the Beast Mode Archery Challenge King of the Hill in Wisconsin? July 30 - Aug 1 I will be there Friday the 30th with a 11AM start time.
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    WTS Marsupial Gear Enclosed MC

    Excellent condition. Size Medium $100 shipped, buyer covers PP fees text for faster response. 6418955254
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    WTB Victory VAP TKO 250 spine

    Looking to buy Victory VAP TKO 250 grain shafts. Must be at least 27.5" carbon to carbon.
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    Pulling a Trailer - What to bring?

    Pulling an enclosed trailer out west this year to have some comfort items at base camp. Will be primarily doing day hunts and back at the truck/trailer at night. What are your must have and or comfort items you recommend?
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    WTS Gas Ghost String V3 31 (NEW)

    as the title says, brand new set of gas ghost string for Mathews v3 31 $130 tyd
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    South Dakota Archery Application Help

    I called customer service and spoke to someone who doesn't hunt and didn't understand the regulations as written so figured Rokslide may be able to steer me in the right direction. I am planning on applying for an archery deer tag in South Dakota. To me it looks like there are only 3 options...
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    New Iron Will System?

    Just happened to be looking at the Iron Will website and notice in the broadheads they have a new option "Snyder Core" I know he has mentioned in recent IG posts about a prototype component system he is testing but couldn't say what it is. He has also been running x-impact shafts. Maybe a...
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    Spine Help

    Shooting a 70lb V3. 28.5" draw. Arrows can be cut down to 27". Looking to run 200 grains up front total. 300 or 250 spine? Looking at BE Rampages.
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    WTS Kudu Broadheads - 6

    3 Contour+ 3 Contour All 150 grains One of the contour+ have been shot through a deer and resharpened $75 TYD - buyer covers fees
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    WTS Kifaru Hoodlum RG

    Ranger green Hoodlum Bought two years ago Asking 350 buyer pays PP fees
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    ABB Platinum or GAS Ghost

    Seems like GAS Ghost may use a better overall string material with a blend of 452x plus a better dyneema. However ABB has other technology and processes in place to make 452x better. Which to go with? This will be going on a Mathews V3.
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    WTB Lumenok FAST

    Looking to buy a Lumenok Fletched Arrow Squaring Tool
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    Spot Hogg Tommy vs Fast Eddy - tell me your cons

    I am debating between the Tommy Hogg or Fast Eddy. Either way it will be a 3 pin with.01 pins. I have read plenty of reviews on each and the comparison Rokslide put together a few years ago. I am still torn. I like how the Tommy Hogg doesn't have an exposed gear where dirt and debris could get...
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    WTS Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault

    No flaws, have used 3 of the sight tapes but most are still there. Used the last two season. Will come with what is shown in pictures. 6 total pins. 5 are .19 with 2 green, 2 orange, and 1 yellow. Last pin is .10 and green. Asking $220 PAYPAL F&F.
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    Am I Underspined?

    70lb bow & 28" draw Arrows: GT Pierce Platinum 300 spine Cut to 28.25" Total weight : 505 grains Point weight: 195 grains