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    WTS Tikka T3 Stainless in 30-06

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    Sauer rifles

    I would research the sauer barrel mating on that model. One of their other price point models was a press fit. Replacing the barrel requires shipment to Sauer. Not something a gunsmith would/could mess with. Something to consider with an untested cartridge.
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    WTS Tikka T3 Stainless in 30-06

    Chattanooga, TN
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    WTS Tikka T3 Stainless in 30-06

    I hope you enjoy man. Great rifles. I just got my Pop’s 30-06 and don’t need three of them. If you handload and have questions, send me a pm and I will share what I’ve found with mine.
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    WTS Tikka T3 Stainless in 30-06

    About 600.
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    WTS Tikka T3 Stainless in 30-06

    Selling a Tikka T3 stainless in 30-06. The stock has been painted and a limbsaver pad added. The recoil lug was replaced with a stainless model. Also, the bolt shroud was replaced with a Mountain Tactical shroud. The rifle is very accurate and I have load data that I will share. $550 to...
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    Shoulder Pain

    Try moving the butt of the rifle up and out on your shoulder. Almost to where it turns into your arm. The top of the butt even with the top of your shoulder. It works. I would have similar issues from time to time. It’s a result of inconsistent placement and poor form. Move the butt up...
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    Zeiss HD5 Conquest 2-10x42 with RZ600 reticle

    Selling Zeiss HD5 2-10x42 scope with the RZ600 reticle. In excellent condition, no ring marks. Only a couple hundred rounds on a rifle. Great scope, just moving into another platform. $500 tyd. Thanks
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    Marmot Meteor Penguin 15 degree Down Sleeping Bag

    Selling Long/wide Marmot Meteor Peguin Sleeping bag. It’s 700 treated down, 15 degrees. The weight on this model is 2 lbs10 ozs. Left hand zip. Bag is in excellent condition. $165 tyd.
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    Vortex Razor 65mm Angled Spotter and 23x WA lens

    Selling a first generation Vortex Razor 65 mm Angled Spotter. Includes original box, case and 16-48x lens. Also selling 30/23x WA HD lens. $850 for all of the above+$25 shipping.
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    FS-Hilleberg Soulo in sand

    Selling a Hilleberg Soulo in sand. I've used in twice on shakedown camps. In like new condition. I never took the trip I planned on taking. $530 tyd. Thanks,
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    OR ferossi pants

    OR ferossi pants, mud, 38" waist. $30 tyd.
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    Bark River Fox River knife

    Bark River Fox River green linen scales with leather sheath. $120 tyd. Thanks