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  1. andydwyer

    Broadhead flight issues -- weird stuff

    Guys! Help! I got my first new bow and its kicking me ass. I only have 2 arrows that fly straight enough to make a 30 yard shot with broadheads. With field points I'm able to shoot 3" groups at 60 fairly easily. I'm having some flight issues. Heres my setup: Mathews v3 31 75lb 80% C mod turned...
  2. andydwyer

    First recurve recommendations

    What up fellas I'm looking to get into shooting a recurve, and I'm looking for some recs to get into it without lightening the wallet too bad. It would be cool if one bow could carry me through a ways. The idea of a takedown bow is attractive to me for some reason. Is a Sage Samick worth...
  3. andydwyer

    Sold Mathews SW F 70lb 85% mods

    Got these on my v3 a couple weeks ago. $50 Looking to get some 65 and 75lb 80% C mods I also have 75lb 80% D mods I might sell if the C mods work out. Also looking for: Sport Hogg wise guy (non boa)
  4. andydwyer

    New Kuiu Kenai

    Looks like Kuiu just updated the Kenai line. Once someone gets their hands on it, I'd like to hear your thoughts. How are the pants? Worth while? How about the hooded jacket? How does it fit in the chest/shoulders? Same as before? I had some problems with the old one not being roomy enough...
  5. andydwyer

    Kuiu base camp insulated snap shirt giveaway

    The I Like Gear guy is giving away a kuiu snap shirt today. Here's the link:
  6. andydwyer

    Sold Sitka Traverse Zip-T

    Sitka Traverse Zip-T Subalpine Medium Hunted in it 5 or 6 days as a mid layer. Great condition. Tags aren't on it anymore -- I'll send more pics if wanted. $85 TYD Make an offer -- leaving for a month on Wednesday morning.
  7. andydwyer

    $500 Kuiu gift card giveaway

    The I Like Gear group on FB is doing a giveaway for a $500 kuiu gift card. The raffle thing seems weird, but I've won a couple things so I'm convinced. Here's the link to get in the giveaway if anyone's interested. Total transparency: I get a bonus entry...
  8. andydwyer

    WTS/WTT FL Guide Lites 36x32

    Hey fellas, selling some pants for a friend who lost some weight and doesn't like the internet 😂 NWT FL Guide Lite Pants: fusion 36x32 cypher 36x32 $75 obo Also, I'm looking for a few things: FL guide jacket M, fusion FL fusion trucker hat Other cool fusion/pine/conifer stuff? Benchmade...
  9. andydwyer

    FL code?

    Anyone have a spare First Lite discount code lying around I could use? Thanks fellas 👍
  10. andydwyer

    WTB FL Corrugate Guide Jacket Fusion M

    Looking for a medium FL Corrugate Guide Jacket in fusion Thanks I also have FL guide lites 36x32 in Cypher and fusion if anyone is looking or wants to trade.
  11. andydwyer

    WTB FL leaf mask fusion + trucker hat fusion

    Looking for a FL leaf mask... 3D balaclava? And trucker hat in fusion. I'll pay full price for that dang mask. Let me know what you have. And some kind of shirt... Preferably a tough synthetic kind in fusion too. M or L
  12. andydwyer

    Sold Hornady 6.5 PRC ELD Match 147gr 60rnds

    Well, I jumped on too much ammo at a "low-ish" price before consulting the boss, so for the sake of harmony I have to cut a few boxes loose. I've got 3 boxes of 6.5 PRC 147gr ELD-M Looking to get $85 + shipping for each box 🤦‍♂️
  13. andydwyer

    Sold NWT Sitka Traverse Zip-T, FL Guide Lite

    Everything is brand new -- missed return window for FL pants, and apparently Sportsman's doesn't allow returns on the clearance rack finds. FL Guide Lite Pants Cipher 34x32 -$65 sold FL Guide Lite Pants Fusion 36x32 - $65 sold Sitka Traverse Zip-T Subalpine M - $85
  14. andydwyer

    Sold NWT Sitka Traverse Zip & Bear Kodiak 36# 60"

    Bear Kodiak 36# 60" - SOLD I got this bow from a friend when he moved to Spain, and it's been collecting dust. I'll be honest here, I have no idea how much this thing is worth, so I'm going to ask for $400 until someone can tell me what it's worth 😅. -- All offered considered though. Looks to...
  15. andydwyer

    Sold NWT Kenai Ultra Hoodie Vias Medium

    Returned Trades: Kenai pants M FL guide pants and jacket M fusion Sitka gradient pants and hoody M timber Boots? 11/44.5
  16. andydwyer

    WTB Kuiu Pro Pack System

    Hey guys, I've narrowed down since my last post and saved a little more coin. I'm looking for a Kuiu Pro pack system -- the full kit. S/M Belt Regular or tall frame/suspension As far as bags so, any of these is cool: Pro 1850, 3600 or 6000 Pro LT 4000 or 5400 I'm really looking for Vias or...
  17. andydwyer

    Sold Backpack

    I'm looking to buy a pack for 5-7 day hunts and meat hauling. I don't have a large budget, so I've been looking mostly at mystery ranch packs but I'm open to others. Let me know what you have. For sizing, I'm 5'9" 180 -- 34/30 pants, 41" chest, but I haven't measured my torso length. I'm...
  18. andydwyer

    WTB Kuiu insulated snap shirt M

    Looking for a Medium Kuiu insulated snap shirt in Vias, grey, or green. 👌 I'm also still looking for a first Lite tag cuff beanie in Pine👍👍
  19. andydwyer

    WTB First Lite cuff beanie Pine

    Want that Pine cuff beanie -- let me know what you've got!
  20. andydwyer

    First deer

    Well guys, got my first deer. I think it was one of those right place right time kind of deals. Got to the farm late, and opted to sit in a stand that's been on the property forever instead of my saddle setup. This guy came up quick behind me and was following a doe that came by an hour...