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  1. SWVA_Tim

    WTB EXO Weapon Carrier

    Preferably in foliage but color not really that important.
  2. SWVA_Tim

    WTB FL Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket

    Looking for medium preferably solid color. Call or txt 540-553-1992 or PM Thanks!
  3. SWVA_Tim

    2 piece (clamp on muzzle brakes)

    Looking at installing a brake on my Tikka 7mm.. Does anyone have expierience and/or reccomendations for the 2 piece brakes? Thanks!
  4. SWVA_Tim

    Headed to Church (Frank Church) :))

    My buddy and I are headed to the Middle Fork, ID this September for combo season. We have scouted several areas and I've talked to the area bologist several times. Have a few questions for anyone with local knowlege. If you wouldn't mind shedding some light please pm me ....Thanks!
  5. SWVA_Tim

    Things to see and do around Austin, TX

    Wife and I are taking a trip to Austin next month and are looking for things to see/do and places to eat? I'm going to be in class for 2 days, but after that we are doing a roadtrip somewhere. I'd like to head toward San padre .... neither one of has ever been to the area and we are open to...
  6. SWVA_Tim

    Hunting shoes available on ROKU

    We just got rid of our cable and I'm wondering what hunting shows are available via the Roku box? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. SWVA_Tim

    FS clean out MSR Exo , OR gators

    MSR Stove whisper lite universal with 20oz tank $130 OR gators size large , black $55 EXO small belt foliage .. I think from 2015 model ... PM me for specific pics ... Never used bought from fellow Rokslider and wouldn't fit my pack $25 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. SWVA_Tim

    Meet processors near McCall ID

    Looking for processor near or to the East of McCall, ID Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. SWVA_Tim

    WTB Kids Hoyt Rukus Jr. RH

    Looking for a Hoyt Rucjus Jr. for my son. Shoot me a PM if you have one your wanting to get rid of. Thanks!
  10. SWVA_Tim

    Hammock Gear Overstuffed Wide 20 deg (w/ overstuff closer to 10 deg) Down Quilt

    Like the Title says Hammock Gear Overstuffed Wide 20 deg (w/ overstuff closer to 10 deg, per HG) Quilt used very little excellent shape. Relialized I'm not a quilt person. It's wide version, 2 oz. of overfill, snap footbox. $250 obo
  11. SWVA_Tim

    WTB Kuiu Superdown Hooded Jacket and Pants

    Looking for size large ...prefer solids but not that picky. Shoot me a pm .....Thanks!
  12. SWVA_Tim

    Kelly Cosmic Drydown

    Does anyone have any experience with this bag looking at picking up one for myself and one for my son? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SWVA_Tim

    Skills/Tricks to teach kids on "adventures"

    So when my two boys and I go on, as they call them "adventures", whether it be a 2 hr hike by the house, a day long float, or overnight trips I try to teach them skills they can learn to use as they get older... building fires, navigation, knots. What are some skills that you think every...
  14. SWVA_Tim

    WTB small exo belt for 2015 model

    Foliage in color
  15. SWVA_Tim

    Kufaru 500d organizer

    Grey $50 TYD CONUS EXCELLENT Condition Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. SWVA_Tim

    Kifaru grey 500d organizer

    $50 TYD LIKE NEW Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. SWVA_Tim

    Release for youth

    So I am taking my son today to get his first real bow he had to save half of the price of it and I'm paying the other half sorry had to brag it just a bit. Now to the point what type of brand/release would you all recommend for youth he is seven? Thank you ahead of time for the input...
  18. SWVA_Tim

    Kifaru 24" aluminum stays normal profile

    Kifaru 24" aluminum stays normal profile WTS/WTT $30 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. SWVA_Tim

    Thumbs up First Lite

    I just returned to shirts for warranty issues after 2 YEARS ... yes 2 years ... They returned me brand new shirts .... Yes they are expensive but you get what you pay for ...I really appreciate good customer service !! Moderator ... Delete this if I'm not supposed to post this but I thought...
  20. SWVA_Tim

    Possibly moving west ???

    So ice spent some time out west mostly in Colorado , a little in Wyoming, and Arizona. My family is considering moving out that way ( I'm a structural engineer wife's a nurse RN) in case you know if any good jobs .... We know lots of the good aspects of living there what do you miss if you've...