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    Led clip on hat light

    I bought the nebo mycro yesterday it is rechargeable has 3 or 4 intensities red and green light also. Can use a head band or clip on your hat. The clip is metal and fits really tight to my hat. Good rang of adjustment and has a nice wide been while also focusing light in the middle. Was $20 so I...
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    WTB Jetboil type pot

    Looking to buy the pot/insulated cup. I have a stove but looking for a pot of any brand. If you have a stove that broke and want to part with the pot let me know.
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    Sidearm black bear hunting

    You feel comfortable with a .357? Everything I have read is about grizzly country and needing a large bore hand gun. Is there a certain bullet to look for in .357? Not questioning your logic, thank you for your reply.
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    Sidearm black bear hunting

    Going on my first spot and stalk archery bear hunt. We are not going in grizzly country do I need to carry a side arm? Yes I am new to this so I don't know if I need one or not? Hand guns I have access and ammo for would be .357, .40, 9mm. I just don't know if I need one or not, again never done...
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    Spring bear binos

    I have nikon monarch 5's 10x, but am looking into renting a pair of higher end binos for this trip. I would most likely be holding them.?. We will be back pack hunting so I am trying to watch how much I pack as this is also my first backpack hunt. I will look into an tripod set for the binos...
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    Spring bear binos

    Saying everything is equal, would 10s or 12s be better for glassing? Don't want to bring in a spotter also, so I am trying to decide between 10 or 12s, this is my first bear hunt so I am trying to get the best set up I can. This is a spot and stalk hunt non baited if that helps. I appreciate any...
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    Fresh Tracks S8E17: Paddlefish

    My skull is at the taxidermist, he uses beetles to clean it then it should be good to go.
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    Fresh Tracks S8E17: Paddlefish

    Drew my first snagging tag in nebraska last year. Snagged 22 fish before I had a legal keeper. I was sore as hell but had a great time. Highly recommend for anyone that can get out and try it.
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    WTS Kifaru frame and lid

    I will take the lid, please. Pm sent
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    Pack size for 5 day

    Well the way it works in my head is I won't be strapping anything to the outside and I will be organized. But I feel like I am giving myself enough time to ask questions and read various responses and am able to make somewhat informed decisions. While I admit the pack was a hard one to get...
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    Pack size for 5 day

    So went with a kifaru reckoning I bought off here used. Put it in the frame to night and decided to see what it felt like with my 6 year old (53#) then tried my 8 year old (67#) walked around the yard with each and it was surprisingly comfortable. Girls were pretty excited to ride in the pack...
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    Boot questions first timer

    I tried on the crispi colorado and wyoming, both were comfortable but seemed to relax when I put my weight in them. I have a narrow foot and the leather of the kenetrek didn't stretch or relax when I put weight in them. If I didn't have such a narrow foot it would have been a tougher decision.
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    Pack size for 5 day

    With my frame figured out I am leaning towards the reckoning pack. Items I will most likely borrow will be a tent, cooking system, and possibly a sleeping bag and pad. I am sure there is more I will need to borrow but these are the big ticket items off the top of my head. I would like to get my...
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    Pack size for 5 day

    I have decided to go the kifaru route. Yes the price is up there but I feel like it will a pack system I will never need to replace. I like the option if replacing the bag and keeping the frame. Seems like the bags that come up for sale go relatively fast, so if I did decide to change I would be...
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    Daughters bow set up

    Bought both of my daughters Diamond Atomic bows. Oldest 8 has been shooting hers with fingers no peep and I took off the sight. Youngest 6 hasn't shot hers yet been to cold. My question is should I add a peep and get them shooting with a release and add back on the sight?. I didn't have a bow at...
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    Nebraska new guy

    Haven't heard much of pheasant hunters the last couple years. There is some good hunting on private ground but even that has been down for awhile. Starting to see more birds sunning in the mornings so hopefully things are turning around.
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    Nebraska new guy

    I live in hebron. Home of the worlds largest covered porch swing
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    Daughter's first elk

    Very cool, I am showing this to my daughters. Thanks for sharing.
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    Pack size for 5 day

    Thanks for the responses, I have been watching whats in my pack videos and trying to make a list of what I have, what I can borrow, and what I need to Purchase. Clothing is one of the things I need to get dialed in, I don't want to bring way to much stuff which I feel could be pretty easy if I...

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