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    Need help calling coyotes in AZ

    New to coyote hunting. I have a $399 Fox Pro and wondering what your favorite call or combo is? Do you use the pre loaded calls or did you download new ones? Just wondering what has been successful for people.
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    WTB Anyone know where I can find a Ruger PC Carbine in 40?

    Anyone seen any at a dealer or have one they want to sell?
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    WTB Ruger PC Carbine in 40

    Had one on order for a while and not sure when it will come in. Anyone have one they want to sell?
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    What are some apps you use besides onX

    Looking for suggestions for things like moon rise, best time to see animals, etc. what are some of your favorite hunting apps?
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    Looks like Berger stopped making 215gr 300 ammo

    Bergers website says they discontinued this factory ammo. It seems so popular. Anyone know why? I tried calling Berger but couldn't get thru.
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    Need Snake Gaiter suggestions

    I want to hunt coyotes at night this spring in Arizona. I will need gaiters that cover my knees. What is everyone wearing?
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    Question on Crispi boots

    I am looking at purchasing my first pair of nice hunting boots. I have heard great things about the Crispi. I have size 14 feet and not the best ankles from many years of basketball when I was younger. The soles of those boots look very narrow and raised, almost like platform shoes. I am...
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    WTS once fired brass for sale 300wm, 6.5, 243, 308 and 45

    I do not reload so this has been taking up room in the closet. I believe my pricing is correct but I do not reload. This is all once fired brass stored indoors. Prices are tyd. 45 acp : 280 rounds of mostly Federal brass $45 308 : 279 rounds of mostly Federal and Winchester brass fired...
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    Sold 357 Magnum 158 gr soft point American Eagle 1 box

    I don't have a need for this anymore, I no longer own a 357. Stored in a safe in a cool/dry closet. Selling for what I paid plus shipping, no covid markup. $35 shipped tyd. Paypal FF you pay the fees.
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    Sold 7.62 x 39mm 124 gr Tul Ammo

    I don't have a rifle that shoots these any more, cleaning out the safe. Stored in a cool/dry closet. Selling for what I paid plus shipping, no pandemic markup. $45 for 2 boxes delivered to your door. Paypal FF you pay the fees.
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    40 S&W copper ammo suggestions for Ruger PC carbine

    Bought one of these for a hog/camping/truck gun. Looking for the heaviest copper 40 ammo I can find. I have already looked at the Barnes/buffalo bore/Hornady hunter. I am hoping to find something a little heavier that the 135-140gr I am seeing. Any suggestions?
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    Sold 7 boxes of Federal .243 100gr soft point

    I do not have a need for this ammo, I don't shoot 243 anymore. Ammo has been stored indoors in a cool/dry safe. $18 a box is what I paid so $126 for all 7 boxes. Pick up in Tucson Arizona.
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    Sold Box of Hornady ELDX 200gr 300WSM $25

    I bought some 300 win mag ammo from Bass Pro and they sent me this by mistake. Brand new box of 300 WSM. Pick up in Tucson Arizona $25 PP ff
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    Sold Kryptek Diablor Jacket 3xl XXXL like new $85

    bought this jacket for my sons early season elk hunt and didnt use it. It has been really hot this year in Arizona. Jacket is clean with no tears. I wore it one morning and took it off after about 30 min, jacket is like new. Has a cool cammo pattern. Great for elk, deer or whatever. Very warm...
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    WTB Ruger PC carbine in 40

    LIke the add says looking for a good condition Ruger Carbine in 40
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    Sold Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest Hells Canyon/ ATACS Pattern

    Bought this for my son's xbolt, he didn't like it. It attaches with velcro straps so no drilling Used for maybe 3 or 4 shots. Like new. I paid $119 plus tax. $70 shipped paypal
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    looking for suggestions for bino harness

    New to hunting and need suggestions for bino harness. I am 6'5 and 280lbs so I will need a harness that fits larger framed people. Looks like I will need an XL harness as the binos I bought are the Sig Zulu9 11x44 binoculars. Looking for advice on a harness that is comfortable for someone with...
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    300 WM Berger 215gr Factory suggestions please

    Just bought a Christensen Mesa in 300WM and am putting a Leupold CDS 6.5-20x50 on it. II will use this for black bear, Elk and deer in Northern Arizona. have read lots of great things about the 215 Berger bullets and plan on trying that first. I am very busy and do not have time to reload. I...
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    Christensen Mesa 300 win mag

    I just bought this for elk and black bear. Wondering if anyone has this same rifle and will share what they found was the most accurate ammo for it. I do not have the time to hand load. I plan on trying some Federal Premium and Hornandy ELDx. Wondering what others found worked the best.