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  1. Pulv

    SG Grumman Jacket Sizing

    Appreciate the insight! Thanks
  2. Pulv

    WTB SG Dehavilland Pant

    still looking?
  3. Pulv

    Sold Stone Glacier Sky 5900, X-Curve Frame, Small Belt

    I am if I can find someone that wants the frame. Until then I'd like to keep it together
  4. Pulv

    Sold Stone Glacier Sky 5900, X-Curve Frame, Small Belt

    Stone Glacier Sky 5900, X-Curve Frame. Small Belt. Comes with small hip belt pouch and hydro sleeve. $600 OBO
  5. Pulv

    WTS/WTT Small Stone Glacier X-Curve Belt

    SOLD Looking to trade my Stone Glacier small X-Curve Belt for a medium.
  6. Pulv

    Idaho Spring Bear

    Here's a pic of the chocolate. Coming from a first-time bear hunter, it's a truly humbling experience. Learning lots of little tricks to mountain hunting. @idahohikker
  7. Pulv

    9MM ammo for bears defense?

    A lot of good thoughts and info in this forum. Solid discussion.
  8. Pulv

    Black Bear sidearm?

    I am in the same situation and am taking the Glock. Being an EDC and having shot it more is my main factor.
  9. Pulv

    Sweet & sour bear

    Gonna give this a try if I can track down a bear this spring!
  10. Pulv

    2020 Spring Bear Strategies

    Awesome info. Thanks!
  11. Pulv

    Beginner Looking for Tips

    Thanks for all of the guidance. This is a great group!
  12. Pulv

    Idaho bear hide requirement

    Thanks for the update!
  13. Pulv

    Cabelas External Frame Pack Article

    Good article!
  14. Pulv

    Thoughts on eberlestock packs

    Thanks for the info!
  15. Pulv

    Idaho Spring Bear Advice

    From a fellow former flat lander, the transition is brutal! The more cardio and weighted stuff I’m inclined, the better.