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    Sewn in stove jack where to purchase?

    Was looking for where or what company to go with in regsrds to a sewn in stove jack? I plan to put a small smith stove in a mountainsmith lt tent. Tried to search but wasn't locating anything. Did try out the kuiu zip in stove jack but don't think it is going to work. Thanks
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    H2O game bag @STP 15.00

    Bought this on a whim from STP and was impressed with it for the price. I would call this a small blind bag instead of something i would affix to my waders. (Will hold 3-4 full boxes of shells)
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    REI used page.

    This might be old news but haven't seen a post on it. REI has a used page, sort of like their 'garage sale' that they do. I noticed they have a lot of BA bags for sale (Lost Ranger) and some OR gaiters (30.00). Keep in mind 30 day return policy on these items.
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    Kuiu 12% ActiveJunky

    Received email today saying active junky is doing 12% cash back on kuiu. Never have seen kuiu on activejunky before. Just a heads up.
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    WTS WTS Kifaru Mountain Warrior 190.00 TYD

    For sale is a used Mountain Warrior in Kryptek Highlander. I purchased this slightly used recently and I come to the realization I just won't use it. In great condition I did find one 'small' hole in it (not caused by me) as you can see in the one picture with chapstick referenced for size...
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    ActiveJunky 10% Cabelas

    FYI Cabelas is at 10% on Active Junky right now.
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    Cooking bags help

    I am unable to find the post i saw on here before in regards to the cooking type bags (mylar i believe) Does anyone have a link to some and or what I should search on for the mountain house style zip lock bags? I plan to split some items up and just cook items in smaller portions. I found...
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    STP Kennetrek Boots

    Noticed sierra trading post has some kennetrek boots on sale. Their 9" high mountain guide boots are 279.99 which didn't seem like a bad price. I don't need a pair but have thought about a taller boot before. The one thing that I noticed is the sole is different then others that I've seen on...
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    Mtn Hardwear Hylo 3 tent 173

    I am in no need of a new tent but seemed like a god deal for a first tent. Heck if you don't like it after this season can always return it. Mountain Hardwear Hylo 3 Tent | REI Outlet Actually might not be the best tent since it is a 3 person tent but might work for two people.
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    Sprint Free for 1year - Fees

    I am not able to take advantage of this but saw this on another forum and it seems legit and if I wasn't on sprint I would look into it further. Sprint does seem to have an issue with rural areas around here though and will go into roaming a lot of times. Anyway thought I would pass it on...
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    Primus ETA Lite Stove 39.88

    Cabelas has the Primus ETA Lite Stove on sale for 39.88 seems like a pretty good deal. I personally use a jetboil ti which I like but for the price I'm a sucker and picked one of these up for spare/backup. Primus ETA Lite Stove System : Cabela's Also if you use activejunky they are doing...
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    Scheels Badlands Superday 99.99

    Was in local Scheels over lunchtime today and they have the Badlands Superday backpack marked down to $99.99 Online they still are showing the 179.99 price tag though. Probably store by store basis but thought I would share. Location: Omaha NE Sorry haven't bothered to learn the 'new' way...
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    Photobucket (posting photos)

    I had previously used photobucket for posting photos to other websites and forums. Just recently they updated their policy and now want a large amount of money to post pictures. Through some quick searches I found Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet but was curious as to if...
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    RTIC 65qrt Coolers 169.99

    RTIC coolers is having another quick sale of their coolers. The 65qrt is 169.99 and free shipping. Need to click on checkout to see what the price is. They had this sale a week or two ago which I missed and after that Atlas BS may end up getting one of these. Shop RTIC 65 - White
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    Koplin 2500lb ATV winch 79.99

    Doesn't seem like a bad deal on an ATV winch. I am partial and use warn winches but for the price doesn't seem bad. Cabela's Online Store - Quality Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Outdoor Gear
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    Cabelas TruGlo Releas 20.00

    Thought this was a decent deal so picked one up as a back up and thought I would share. If you have experience with these please let me know. Cabela's Online Store - Quality Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Outdoor Gear TruGlo Nitrus Velcro Release 19.95 BTW store still had them at a 69.99 price.
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    FS Jimmy Tarps Granite Mountain 80.00 TYD

    $80.00 TYD within continental U.S. FS Basically new tarp that is a year old that has never been in the field. I've set it up two times in my yard, once when I got it and again a week ago. I did put seam sealer on it when I first purchased this on 8/18/15. Item description via Jimmy from when...
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    Tracking Colorblind Question

    I’ll be hitting CO solo this year for Elk and I haven’t shot at one yet but I’ve been trying to research what products are out there that will assist with blood tracking. Being partially color blind I’m looking for any added advantage I can get. For me water droplets on the ground (at night)...
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    Cabelas 50.00 off 500.00 Purchase

    Someone else posted one of these on here and thought I would do the same. Expires 3/28 $50.00 off a 500.00 purchase coupon. Send me a PM and I'll give you the information for online checkout. (rather not mail) (I used the 20.00 coupon) Drop me a PM and I'll give you the Cabelas Buck...
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    DeLorme InReach Explorere 329.99

    Cabelas has these on sale for 329.99 normal 379.99 If someone knows of a better sale price (in the...

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