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  1. Buffinnut

    Where to teach kids to shoot in southern NH

    I am visiting a good friend in southern New Hampshire and we are trying to find a place to take his two sons (7&10) and teach them to shoot a 22. From my research it looks like there’s no public land where this is allowed. Local ranges all seem to require membership which is a long process and a...
  2. Buffinnut

    WTT 7mm mag ammo.

    I have a good amount of factory ammo I would like to trade for federal premium 168gr Berger hybrid hunter. what I have 154gr hornady interlock American whitetail 139gr hornady interlock American whitetail 140gr Winchester ballistic silvertip 150gr Winchester ballistic silvertip 162gr eldx...
  3. Buffinnut

    What did I do right/wrong

    What did I do right/wrong I did some shooting yesterday. Prone over my pack @ 200 yards. First two groups looked like this I moved .1mil up and .1mil left and I was shocked when I shot this My groups usually have that triangle pattern like the first two. Swfa 3-9x40. I’m wondering if I have...
  4. Buffinnut

    Twist rates & bullet weights 7mm rem mag

    My rem783 7mm rem mag has a 1:9.25 twist 24” barrel It’s looking like it’s kind of picky on bullet weights. I know that twist rate is better suited for 160grain ish but I was not expecting such horrible results with a bit lighter bullets. I was burning through some cheap Winchester 150 grain...
  5. Buffinnut

    Call the gunsmith or not?

    I dropped my barreled action off at the gunsmith 4 weeks 3 days ago to get threaded and a brake installed. They told me 2 weeks at the most and that they would call me. I live on the opposite side of town and after 2 weeks 1 day I was nearby running errands and decided to call in just in case...
  6. Buffinnut

    Tripod/head suggestions

    I've been digging through previous posts and there is SO much information and I'm hoping some of you can help narrow down my options. I have a cheap ass setup currently and I'm looking to buy once cry once for a do-all tripod/head setup. Needs: -Glass standing up or sitting with 10x42s (I'm...
  7. Buffinnut

    Beware of salewa

    I got a set of vulture evo gtx a year ago. I've been pretty happy with them overall but with only like 50 miles on them a lace failed. I replaced it with paracord in the field and just lived with it to finish the season. I recently contacted the manufacturer telling them which boot I have...
  8. Buffinnut

    WTS Sccy cpx-2 9mm

    Sccy cpx-2 9mm black/ stainless. Probably 100 rounds through it. Includes paddle holster and 3 mags. Have original box. $150+shipping or meet locally in AZ.
  9. Buffinnut

    WTS Vortex diamondback 3.5-10x50

    Diamondback 3.5-10x50 scope. $150 + shipping This has a basic reticle, not bdc. Had it mounted for a couple weeks & about 25 rounds. Upgraded to a swfa hd.
  10. Buffinnut

    WTB 7mm mag factory ammo

    Looking for factory 7mm mag ammo. Open to lots of different stuff to see what my rifle likes. About all I find in stores lately Is Winchester sp
  11. Buffinnut

    Rem 783 rail/mounting options

    I was given a 783 7mm as a gift. I have a swfa 3-9x42 on the way for it (30mm) what are yall doing for scope mounting on these? Options seem limited for 783
  12. Buffinnut

    Swfa 6x alternative (backorder)

    I just started getting a 7mm broke in and it has a diamondback 3.5-10x50 on it that I want to upgrade. I decided on the 6x swfa ss but they are backordered like everything else on their site. Im not planning on dialing. Just want something rock solid with a nice reticle in that price range...
  13. Buffinnut

    Small game hunting az

    I am in AZ and made it a goal to do some small game hunting this fall/winter. Any of you AZ guys doing this? Squirrel, cottontail, jackrabbit, e.t.c
  14. Buffinnut

    Elkin aint easy! My journey so far.

    My elk hunting journey began when i moved to Arizona. I learned from the average joe Arizonan that you wait 8-12 years and draw a bull tag. When you draw you are expected to shoot a 400" bull with 0 archery elk hunting experience. Well I got lucky and drew my chosen unit in 4 years (at 28 years...
  15. Buffinnut

    Is a stabilizer really worth it

    I have a Mathews traverse with their lightweight quiver and I have been shooting pretty decent since I bought it last year but I feel like I'm wobbly. Like my circles should be smaller and steadier. How much benefit would I really gain from them and how big, how much weight? It would be a...
  16. Buffinnut

    Full time RV elk hunter

    Hi everyone my name is Mike. My wife, my 8 month old son and I live in our 5th wheel and travel following work contracts. I got tired of the mess that is Facebook and just got rid of it. I'm here now because I've always been able to find great information on basically any topic im researching...