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    Snow tires- Lion hunting

    Hey All, getting ready for lion season and looking for people's thoughts on the best snow tires for my toyota driving FS roads in deep snow? Conditions are Rocky Mountain deep, light, dry snow. I'm in the camp of snow tires that "float on top" rather than tall thin tires to cut through the...
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    Question dump: Maven adaptor, Seek Outside LBO, Iphone battery life

    A couple questions for you guys, please chime in with your thoughts. Maven adaptor binos to tripod head: running maven binos, I can't get the adaptor tight to the binos with a flathead screwdriver. By hand they wobble around like crazy. Am I missing something? supposed to carry a screwdriver...
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    Paradox: Minimalist Winter Boots + brief reviews

    Hello, I've recently gotten into minimalist (zero-drop, wide toe box) shoes, and I really dig the way I'm walking and striking the ground. This summer I tested out Belleville's Mini-mil's and VitaBarefoot's Tracker boots. The Mini-mil's are super light, comfortable, and great for...
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    WTB Used Revolver

    I'm in the market for a used revolver .357 or similar as long as black bear capable, under $1000, preferably 5-7" barrel but flexible. Many thanks!
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    Practice advice for extending hunting range

    Hello, looking for advice on practice to extend my effective range while hunting. Hunting in the west with 6.5 Creedmoor. Currently I zero at 200 and shoot up to 300 if I'm setup very steady, and I'd like to get better within those ranges as well as extend to 400-450. I've got some ammo, but...
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    diy stove pipe rings

    lost my seek outside stove pipe rings and need to replace asap, was thinking hose clamps, anyone have any better ideas I could buy or fashion on the quick?
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    Hound Questions

    Hello, I've been getting into hunting with hounds and I have some questions for the houndsmen on here. I have a 11 month pup who has recently switched on, lighting up on tracks whenever we're out. Previously she was dead silent, and kept within 200 yards of me (I was worried I had ruined her...
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    Hound hunting forum

    Wondering if there could be a hound hunting forum if there's enough interest?
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    WTS Garmin Alpha 100- $500 OBO

    New in box, Garmin Alpha 100 dog track + train + gps
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    WTB Good Puffy or Jacket + puffy pants- SG, Kuiu, Sitka, etc.

    Looking for a v/warm puffy or jacket, + zip on puffy pants, in good condition, to wear hunting through the winter, in the mountains.
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    camping high up

    Hello, I live in Central Idaho at 6000 ft. This season I've moved from harvesting the little guys down low to focussing on the bigger bucks up top, and as I froze my ass a couple days ago, and busted my ass hiking twice a day up and down from camp at 7500 to hunt around 9000 I realized a couple...
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    camping- bears n snags

    hey all, just got back from a few days in the mountains, prompted some questions. One night, lying in my tent, I thought of the huge wet bear scat I'd seen 100 yards from my tent, and questioned my lifelong practice of eating and storing food in the tent. I live in central ID, so no grizz...
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    Clay Hayes-Joel Turner target panic and shot triggers

    Hey guys, I recently move from a 30# to a 53# longbow and I'm struggling with the mental side of holding at anchor until properly aimed, and then releasing consciously. I watched Clay Hayes' video with Joel Turner on target panic (not sure if I've had it), and they talk about creating physical...
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    Stove tents- SO, other options?

    Hey all, I'm about to get a stove-capable tent, and so far was set on the SO LBO, but the 6 week wait time on their tents is killing me. Any other good options to consider for a similar tent? And if I do go with the SO, worth paying extra for sealed seams, or taping myself? thoughts...
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    WTB Down cold weather sleeping bag/pad + stove capable tent

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a nice down bag, -10 or lower, a pad, and a 1-2 person stove capable tent. I'd love to buy a used SO LBO if anyone has one.
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    WR valley, ID, hunting

    hello, I'm living and hunting in ketchum, previously w rifle but getting into the trad bow, got the pioneer elk tag, some dogs I'm starting on bear and lion, like hunting everything. lmk if anyone wants to link up for some hunting this season, always ready to learn and gf doesn't like me going...
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    I'd rather be flingin then stringing and unstringing

    Hello, I'm sure it has been discussed, and will be discussed again, but I just got a Bear Montana, first longbow after glass recurves and wondering about care. I shoot pretty much every day when there's no snow, to unstring, or not to unstring? gut feelings appreciated, thought-out logic...