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  1. snider6464

    Sold Swarovski SLC 10x42 WB

    FS Swarovski SLC 10x42WB with outdoorsmen stud $950 Shipped in original box and extra eye cups Original owner of these great binos, but just purchased some NLs. They are in great shape, no visible scratches on lenses. I sent them in twice to get cleaned all up and maintained. Swaro gave me new...
  2. snider6464

    Hunt Info Swap DIY NZ or OTC CO for Barbary or other

    Hey everyone, I have a good friend from New Zealand coming out to hunt Mule deer with me during 3rd season this year and we are looking to fill in some time. We have the first week of November or the third week of November to fill with something. If you have any ideas / property / info we are...
  3. snider6464

    WTB Kuiu Yukon Gaiters Gray Large

    Looking for a pair of kuiu yukon gaiters gray for my hunting partner. He must have color matching and the grays are not available online. Will pay premium if in great condition. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  4. snider6464

    WTB KUIU Alpine Solid color 32 pants

    Looking for Kuiu Alpine solid color size 32 pants. Brown, Grey, Phantom or what ever will work. Looks like they do not offer them in solid right now. Newer the better Thanks.
  5. snider6464

    New mexico winter kill elk legality

    My friends and I are currently in new mexico trying for a poor man's sheep. We have located a dead bull elk. In colorado, where we are from, it is legal to pick these up. But I have heard in Utah it is illegal. Could someone fill me in on the details of recovering antler connected to bone...
  6. snider6464

    Swarovski ats 65 and sts 80

    Saw this at cabelas today $1701 for the swaro ats 65 $2211 for the swaro sts 80 Some pretty sweet deals. Not sure if it is all cabelas or just mine locally. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. snider6464

    Swarovski and Vortex warranty and customer service

    Just want to share my experience with Swarovski and Vortex Customer service and repair. After getting back from a hunting trip to New Zealand in April I decided to send all my optics in for cleaning and repair. This included a vortex spotting scope, pst rifle scope, and diamond back binos. As...
  8. snider6464

    Traveling with trophies on airlines

    Me and a friend are hunting in new zealand in a couple months and are planing on bring some heads home. Tahr, red stag, and chomois hopefully. Just was wondering if anyone has any advice on procedures on getting them home. Was just planning on boiling out skulls and then packing them in checked...