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    WTB .308 barns vor-tex

    Sighted in my Adirondack and the only round it will stack is 168 barns vor-tex. Does anyone have some laying around they want to part with? Or other 168gr polymer tip rounds. Thanks
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    WTS Loose ammo

    1- 300 win mag 2- 7mm Hornady 2- 20ga federal 3- 17hmr Hornady 3- .45 auto 4- .40sw 21- .270win unknown make, two different bullets. All rounds are factory. Came from estate sale. I don't have these calibers, want them out of my safe. Best offer.
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    WTB Kifaru small duplex belt

    looking for a small duplex belt in ranger green. I have a medium belt should someone want a trade.
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    WTS Zamberlan 981 Wasatch size 43

    Zamberlan 981 Wasatch size 43. 2.3 miles on the boots. All original packaging included. 400tyd.
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    WTS Sitka suspenders.

    Used once. 25tyd. Buyer adds 3% for goods and services through paypal.
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    Gravity filter

    I've always used pumps, and tabs. I didn't want to spend a boatload before trying one out. Msr bag Msr bladder kit Rapidpure filter. My question is for those of you that have a gravity filter, what issues do you see? I'm going to add a 3in section below the shut off with a quick attachment...
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    WTB Solo shelter/Tarptent rainbow

    Anyone have a tarptent rainbow 1, or similar one person shelter? No tarps, or tipis. I can't stand August bugs!
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    Sold Vortex Ridgeview

    Fully functional tripod, however, it is well used. Does show signs of wear. Comes with original plate. Great budget tripod that served me well. Best offer.
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    WTB Multi cam Kifaru.

    Brother is in the military and I'd like to get him a pack. He said the Army will only let him have a multi cam bag. Anyone have some used multi cam?
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    WTB Wiseguy buckle

    The leather on my Spot Hogg wiseguy tore. Does anyone have a leather buckle or BOA they would part with?
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    Big Sky Revolution

    Finding a good review on this tent is like pulling teeth. I've read about KUIU copycatting it for their mt star, but that's as much as I've found. Does anyone have experience with this tent? Have you used it and recommend it? I like the design with side doors and double wall to keep bugs out...
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    WTB Magnus black hornet

    Does anyone have some magnus black hornet 100gr heads laying around they want to sell?
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    WTS Kuiu icon 7200

    Used the pack twice. Too many CI's for me. Frame is a regular (22"). Belt is L/XL (34"+). No animals have been in the pack. Small snag on hip belt but otherwise like new. 350tyd paypal. I have A+ ratings on other sites for reference.
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    WTS Who has a youth hunter?

    40+ shipping to someone with a youth hunter in need of gear. Package deal. Pants are mens M and 34reg. Coat is L.