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    WTB Tire Chains

    Buy new and return if you don’t use them. I’ve done that in the past.
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    WTB 28 nosler ammo

    A guy just posted some on the regular classified ads
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    WTB Need boots for my daughter. W -8.5 or men 7

    I’m taking her for elk and deer mid October to Idaho so I need something insulated. 2-400 gram preferably. womans size 8.5 or men’s size 7 regular width. -Something all leather and a rubber rand. -waterproof -taller boot fit ankle support.
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    WTS/WTT Blackhorn 209

    How big is the jug? What trades are you thinking?
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    Hiking boots for flat feet

    Be careful with sheep feet. Ask about the return policy before you purchase. They will work on them if they don’t work but once you give up and ask for a return/money back they charge you a restocking fee. Yes a restocking fee for custom foot beds made for your personal feet that have 60 miles...
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    WTS ADG 6.5 PRC Brass

    I’m confused, What does $275 get me?
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    WTS 6.5 147 Eld Match and 142 Accubond LR

    I’ll take 2 boxes of the Hornady.
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    WTB Custom antler knife

    Elk antler handle with a full tang. 8” or so and will hold an edge like none other.
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    Sold 407 .264 147 grain Hornady ELD-M and 29 124 grain Hammer Hunters

    I’ll take the HH and a box of the eldm’s
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    WTT Reloading supplies SW PA

    I’ve got new ADG 6.5 PRC brass. Shoot me a message. I’m in the north hills.
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    WTS Kifaru field chair and HPG kit bag

    Those field chairs get snagged up quick.
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    WTS Buyer/seller beware of swampokie

    I’m hoping guilt sets in and realizes how he personally self destructed himself on the open forum and tries to bring back what he’s lost by refunding me before I put more money into it.
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    WTS Buyer/seller beware of swampokie

    I know EXACTLY what your referring to.
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    WTS Buyer/seller beware of swampokie

    Yep and he cross threaded a larger diameter screw into the hole at about a 10 degree angle. The screw doesn’t even match the rest. He’s getting shredded by forum members on his main post. Plus the coward blocked me from further communication.
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    WTS ###Buyer/seller beware of swampokie

    I’ll do as I want to help others from getting screwed by this guy. If you don’t want to read the thread then don’t but I’m sure you can’t help yourself just like everyone else. Lol
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    WTS Leupold rifleman

    And another thing that didn’t sit well with me after he was going to refund my money and I’d return the scope is how he wasn’t go to pay me anything until he got his scope and stripped out scope ring. Even though he was the deceptive one I was still willing to do that at again my own risk.
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    WTS Leupold rifleman

    From how I read everything from his responses is he left the stripped ring on and no refund as my punishment for offering lower than his asking price. If he didn’t want lower than asking he shouldn’t have came up with the $215.
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    WTS Leupold rifleman

    He did offer then decided against it.

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