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    WTT NF Atacr 4-16x50 Mil-C

    NF C618 Atacar 4-16x50 Mil-C This scope was only on my 300 wsm for about 100 rds. It is in very good shape with only a few very light scuffs on the caps from going in and out of the safe. The Glass is pristine as it has had Tenabraex caps on it 24/7. It currently is mounted in NF light weight...
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    WTS Warne Mountain Tech 30mm Ultra High

    Warne Mountain tech 30mm ultra high, part number 7217M. Lightly used on an ar10. Lightly used with just a few small scuffs. Please pm me as I’m not on the classifieds often. $100 shipped
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    WTB 28 Nosler brass

    Looking for 150-200 pieces of 28 Nosler brass
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    WTB 28 Nosler brass

    Looking for 150-200 pieces of 28 Nosler brass
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    WTS Garmont Dakota Light 12’s

    I bought these a year or so ago. Treated them and put about 20 miles on them before deciding they were a tad too small. These are labeled as a 12 but fit closer to 11 1/2 imho. $170 shipped or trade for equal quality boots in a 12 or maybe a quality custom knife, quality clothes on XL/2xl etc.
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    WTB LA R700 Stock

    Looking for a lighter hunting type stock to fit a right hand LA 700 with a bartlein Sendero contour. Prefer m5 but bdl is okay as well Manners, McMillan, Mesa etc. Pm me with pics and what you want for it.
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    Sold Grayboe Ridgeback stock

    Grayboe Ridgeback stock for Rem700 LA with sendero barrel contour and cut for M5 dbm. Was previously bedded to a TL technologies action (R700 footprint). Has a few small nicks and dings but in good overall shape. I also have an almost new set of PTG m5 bottom metal that accommodates 3.715”...
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    Sold 28 Nosler factory ammo

    I have 195 rds of 28 Nosler factory ammo for sale. It is all 185gr RDF’s as pictured. Runs around $80/box in stores. $650 shipped or trade for manners stock to fit RH 700 LA with sendero barrel channel.
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    WTB 30 Nosler/ 300 Norma ai

    Looking for a custom auctioned hunting rifle in either 30 Nosler or 300 Norma improved. If you’ve got one for sale pm me details please.
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    Sold Flyweight 300 WSM

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    WTT Custom 300wsm

    I got this several months ago and have another 300 wsm I shoot more so figured I would try to trade this one. -Mack Brothers Evo Ti SA -m5 dbm bottom metal -24” 1:9 proof research barrel -Area 419 hellfire brake - Mesa Precison Altitude stock with seekins - Trigger tech special trigger Bare...
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    Sold Virgin 6.5 Saum brass for 300 WSM

    I have 101 rds of virgin Bertram 6.5 Saum headstamped brass from my old 6.5 saum, about half of it has been prepped. I want trade it for similar quality 300 WSM brass, quality .30 VLD or .375 bullets.
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    WTS Kahles K624I

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    Sold Custom 243

    This one is just sitting in the safe so it’s time to trade it for something new to shoot. -Remington 700 action that has been tried and blueprinted and tactical bolt knob installed. - 22" 1:8 Proof Sendero barrel -McMillan HTG stock -Timney Calvin elite trigger - PTG bottom m5 metal, -...
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    Sold Custom 243

    Double post
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    WTT Christensen Ridgeline 300 RUM

    I’m looking to trade my Christensen Ridgeline 300 Remington Ultra Mag. It has the 26" 1-10 twist carbon barrel with the radial brake and Trigger Tech trigger. It has had about 100 rounds fired and has a few small nicks and dings from hunting but is in very good shape. It shoots close to .5 moa...
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    Heavy bullets in the 300 wsm

    I recently acquired a custom 300 wsm and for my intended uses would like to run heavier bullets. Rifle build is: - Mack Brothers Evo Ti action - Proof carbon 24” 1:10 light sendero chambered by PVA - Mesa Altitude stock - Mesa DBM - 300 wsm accurate mags. I know Accurate Mag says they can run...
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    WTS/WTT Robert Gradous 28 Nosler

    I got this rifle from Robert a few months ago just before he passed away and haven’t even fired it yet. It’s a beautiful rifle and being a Gradous I’m sure it will shoot. I decided that I want to stick with a magnum .30 for elk and bears or I would never sell this one. Specs: - Pierce TI long...
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    WTS/WTT GAP Tempest 6.5 WSM

    This is a great rifle, I just don’t shoot it as I have a 6.5 GAP that I use more. Specs: - Gap Tempest Action with 20 Moa rail - Benchmark 1:8 #5 @27” with a 2 port brake. - Factory Remington trigger tuned nicely . - Seekins DBM with push button release - McMillan HTG with adjustable cheek...
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    Sold Leica Televid 77 spotter with 3 eyepieces

    SOLD Includes: - Spotting Scope with a stay on cloth soft case. - 20-60x eyepiece - Fixed 40x eyepiece - Fixed 20x Wide eyepiece $1350 OBO shipped

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