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    Western Hunting With Swaro NL 12x42 vs 10x32

    Hi Everyone, recently I watched GoHunt's video about the NL Binos (link at the bottom) and what stuck out to me was their excitement for a 32 objective bino. So, I'm hoping to collect all your opinions about two sets of Swaro NL binos, the 12x42s and the 10x32s. The obvious pros for the 12s are...
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    WTS Kryptek Lykos 2 Insulated Jacket

    $150 XS Kryptek Lykos 2 jacket in highlander camo. Selling because I didn't try in on with mid-layers layers and it was too tight around my chest. The jacket is new since it hasn't been worn outside. Buyer pays for shipping.
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    WTS Tru Ball Blade Pro Flex With Extras

    Selling my Tru Ball Blade Pro Flex for $220 plus $10 for shipping ($230 total). This is great release with an infinite amount of adjustability to fit your shooting style. Can attach a wrist strap for hunting if you chose to! Extras Include: 1. Four finger attachment 2. Ultraview Helix Knob 3...
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    PSE Mach 1 Short Draw Lengths

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some information on the actual speed of the PSE Mach 1. I've seen that the bow is pretty efficient and shots faster than expected, however, I haven't seen any test for shot draw lengths. Do any of you know what the actual FPS would be for a 25-26 inch draw with a...
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    Is Maven S2 Enough Scope?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking at purchasing my first spotter and was hoping you all could help me out a little. I’m looking for a spotter that’s compact and light and will help me properly judge and animal’s size/points. I don’t need to see high detail, but it would be nice to know if the animal is...
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    Kifaru Guide Lids With Seekoutside Packs

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has tried fitting the kifaru guide lid on a Seekoutside Peregrine or just another SO pack? It seems like it would work but am not sure and want to see if anyone out there has already tried. Thank you in advance!
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    Are Waterproof Packs Worth it?

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to start this post off by first saying I know "waterproof" is often miss leading especially when discussing backpacks. What I'd like to know more about are your perspectives on whether "waterproof" backpacks, or packs made in Xpac material, are worth it compared to other...
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    Kifaru Muskeg Waterproofness?

    Hi everyone, this year I bought a Seek Outside Peregrine partly due to the X-PAC material. During archery season this year I found myself in some rain storms and I was impressed with how well the pack did through the inclement weather. However, the pack itself just didn't fit my body type the...