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  1. passinggas33

    Fire…or is it?

    This is exactly what I keeep finding on various sites. Kind of hard to decipher on what’s good and what’s not.
  2. passinggas33

    Fire…or is it?

    Like many others on this forum, I really enjoy being warm 😜 and because of that have turned to multiple seek outside shelters with ultralight stoves. But this brings about the question… In my home state and many of the states I will be hunting this year there are “fire bans”. They often...
  3. passinggas33

    WTB 7mm/.284 175 ELDX

    Trying to track down some (50-100 if possible) of the above posted for some load development. Willing to buy or trade for a variety of different ammo. Let me know if anybody has anything. Thanks!!
  4. passinggas33

    Critique My Dream

    So I figured since I started this thread I should at least give an update. I followed quite a bit of the advice you guys offered, took some advice from my gunsmith, and also accepted the effects of covid and limited inventory/crazy demand. So this is what I was left with. Let me know what you...
  5. passinggas33

    Kodiak Canvas Experiences

    So people have a reference. I was able to put 2 sets of bunk o beds in a 10x14. We would then have 2 ultralight thermarest cots in there as well. Total of 6 cots. Not much room to move around after that. During the day we would slide the thermarests under the bunk beds and had quite a bit of...
  6. passinggas33

    Sitka Core Lightweight Hoody - Solid Colors

    Call me crazy, but that Red River color that is shown in the heavyweight version is good lookin to me. The heavyweight is seriously my most used piece of clothing.
  7. passinggas33

    Kimber mountain ascent 280ai which scope

    A little late to the party but I have a 280ai Mtn Ascent. Originally had the VX5 3-15x44 which weighs about 20 oz. then I decided to drop back to the VX3 3.5-10 (13oz) recently. My rationale was/is that I bought this gun to be as light as possible. I’ve been on a weight shaving spell lately and...
  8. passinggas33

    300 win mag, what grain do you shoot?

    200 Grain Accubonds for me.
  9. passinggas33

    Full Curl Society 2021

    I was just curious who the winners of the 7 hunts were from the Full Curl Society this year. I assume by the fact they haven’t called me, I was a loser again 😔.
  10. passinggas33

    Best Tent Setup for 3 guys in backcountry

    Seek outside redcliff with a stove gets my Vite, as it’s what we do. Split between three guys you would all be packing 2-3 pounds at most, have an awesome shelter and a stove to boot (1 guy shelter, one guy pole and stakes, and one guy stove). This is my go to set up with 3 in the backcountry...
  11. passinggas33

    Best Leupold Dial Scope for the $$

    Since you’ve asked specifically about a Leupold and on your 300wsm, I would recommend the VX5-Hd in the 3-15 with you choosing the objective, though the 44 is probably the best return for its weight. I personally haven’t had any tracking issues whatsoever and I’ve very happy with this scope...
  12. passinggas33

    .280Ai loads

    Another terminal ascent believer here. Couldn’t believe how accurate they were for a factory ammo. Just as accurate as my hand loads! Now don’t go buying them all up!! Save some for the rest of us with all this publicity!!
  13. passinggas33

    Critique My Dream

    Well to me this is my “really long range” gun. But to many others, it seems, this is only “medium range”. I’ve never shot anything over 500 yards in my life, and don’t really have any plans to. But I was trying to use the appropriate lingo for Rokslide and categorize it right 😜
  14. passinggas33

    Critique My Dream

    Just a little follow up since I started this thread...this is what I submitted as a build sheet to the gunsmith for my medium weight (sub 9) /medium range (sub 1000) 280AI. Once I get it done, I’ll follow up with some pics. Stock - AG Composites Alpine Hunter with a Hawkins precision bdl bottom...
  15. passinggas33

    .280Ai loads

    Yes I’m talking grain difference. From my understanding, you can cram more powder in Peterson brass than you can Nosler brass, but I may be wrong. Just wondered how much of a difference it really was.
  16. passinggas33

    .280Ai loads

    Anybody have an idea of what the grain difference is between Nosler and Peterson in this specific cartridge? In theory if the bullet was set in the same exact spot, same primer, etc, how much more powder can you put in the Peterson?
  17. passinggas33

    .280Ai loads

    What twist and brand of barrel do you have? I’m in the process of building another 280ai and want this as my target with FPS/bullet/Etc. I was looking at the 24” proof and was hoping it would be close to this. Only difference is I would be running Nosler brass and not Peterson.
  18. passinggas33

    New Mexico Draw

    Now they are just teasing us...
  19. passinggas33

    Critique My Dream

    The reason I was wanting to stay with the 280AI is the fact that I have about 500 pieces of brass and most of them are cleaned and primed. Just waiting for bullets and powder...if I can ever find them and decide on which one I want.