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    SHTF category ?

    Good idea. Stuff can go wrong a lot fast than we think. How we handle it could be life or death.
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    One song for the road

    Colter Wall or Cody Jinks could keep me company from coast to coast.
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    Dimentia and hunting

    I would agree with having a single gun between you and him and holding it until it's time to shoot. I would imagine it is simply a reversal of rolls from when you were first joining him in the woods.
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    Kids in the woods

    When those kids grow up they will remember with fondness being able to run wild and free on their uncles property. I think it is reasonable to ask them to stay out of the woods while you're going to be hunting but other than that let them enjoy it. The animals will get accustomed to the...
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    Potential government shut down. Narional forrest

    If they closed an area I would hunt it out of spite. Only government could find a way to close outside.
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    AZ game and fish paying influencers

    It seems like your ire is misplaced. If PA was paying people to hype up the the state and there were fewer tags for non res I would petition the people allotting tags to change the quotas. They are a sales force hiring a salesperson IMO.
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    AZ game and fish paying influencers

    Much ado about nothing . Randy, we enjoy your content and you always seem to be a good ambassador for hunting. The facts that you have found a way to profit off of it is good for you. Keep on keeping on.
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    Incredible story: Bowhunter finds lost bowhunter after 53 years

    That is remarkable that the remains were visible after 53 years. I guess it would have been very rocky where the dirt would not have had a chance to aide in decomposition. Not much looks the same after 53 in the woods.
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    Anyone else following the Gabby Petito missing person case?

    I bet the BF has already dead at his own hand. Sad deal all the way around.
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    How's everybody make a living

    I wear all the hats at a small precision machine shop.
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    “Don’t shoot my dog” etc

    Depends if I find dog crap on the trail
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    Are you ready? got all the knowledge you need when all hell breaks loose.

    Two things can be true at once. 1) Many "preppers" are fetishists and would likely all be dead in the first 30 days. I don't understand the people who fantasize about it and hope it happens. I'm not saying it is impossible or even unlikely, I just don't understand the poorly masked glee some...
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    Crypto Mining- solo vs pool

    I looked into it for a little while and determined it was not worth it. You need cheap cheap electricity to have it be worth your while. Has it become easier to buy equipment? The past year has been terrible for finding hardware.
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    Ha Ha Ha - Joke!

    What's her name? Ileane.
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    Ha Ha Ha - Joke!

    What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef. What do you call a cow with 2 legs? Lean beef.
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    Health Insurance Cost Research

    I cover my healthy family of 4 through the business at $1700 Month. $5000 individual deductible, $14000 max out of per year. We still pay through the nose IMO but with a growing family what can you do? The ACA set us up for this mess.
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    MeatEater with Tucker Carlson

    People love to hate Tucker, which I find funny. The interview was interesting and he had an interesting perspective about some stuff. If people didn't know what he did for a day job they would be able to enjoy it the same way they could enjoy the Yvon Chouinard interview. The reaction on the...
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    Mtn House - Eat it other than hunting?

    I have had them when if arrive late to the cabin and haven't had dinner yet. It's not me favorite but it's far from inedible like some people think.
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    Funny ad

    I believe it's spelled groin.
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    You already couldn't buy anything firearm related. There is zero chance this doesn't get political.

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