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  1. Calbuck

    WTS Kings Camo Climatex rain wear

    I have this set of rainwear that my kid never needed..still has tags on both pieces. Cost $150 to buy off the Kings website. Asking $50 shipped. I have more photos if needed..
  2. Calbuck

    Nevada Antelope Euro

    Got my euro back on the only Antelope I’ve ever shot..I think it’s pretty cool!
  3. Calbuck


    Short hike from the truck, but decent vertical gain and lots of country on the backside. Do you spike out on the ridge, or hike in and out morning and evening?
  4. Calbuck

    Sold FS..First Lite SEAK Stormtight Jacket MD

    This is a catch and release..jacket is dry earth color. Not a spot on it, never wore it. It’s slightly too small for me. Would trade for an identical in large. New price is $340... asking $260 tyd, Venmo preferred or PayPal.
  5. Calbuck

    Got My First Antelope

    Drew as an alternate with about 3 weeks to prepare. Knew where I was gonna start my hunt from being there for other species..had seen antelope in there before. First weekend confirmed my hunch and I had a few chances but didn't harvest. Came back 10 days later for closing weekend and BAM! right...
  6. Calbuck

    Sawtooth/Large U-turn stove Pipe length?

    Bought a Sawtooth and see where Kifaru recommends 76" stovepipe with their stoves. I bought a large SO u-turn and ordered an 84" pipe. Any insight on if this is long enough, or too long? Seems the higher out the stove jack, the less coals will fall back down on the tent? Thanks..
  7. Calbuck

    WTS Kings Camo, Core4Element

    I have a pair of Core4Element Switchback early season pants used maybe 2 trips in the field, no stains or rips. Mountain Mimicry, Size 32x32, can't find the knee pads for them... $40 Size small, Kings Camo Climatex rain jacket and pants, sell for around $130..I bought them for my boy but never...
  8. Calbuck

    Wyoming Deer 2020

    I'll be entering the Wyoming draw with 5 preference points this year. I'm researching Regions H, W and Unit 81 as potential choices. Ive read and heard various stories related to all of these areas stating the deer numbers/quality have dropped off the be honest, the choice is more...
  9. Calbuck

    Arizona 5b

    Any roksliders spend time in this area lately? Kid and I have late rifle bull tags and getting anxious to be out hunting. Curious how conditions are on the unit and how the early hunts went?
  10. Calbuck

    WTS/WTT WTT/WTS FL Catalyst jacket med/cipher

    Jacket is like new without tags. Tried to wear it but just too small..would like to trade for like condition Catalyst in large size, or take $210..cipher pattern only
  11. Calbuck

    CA X zone season done

    Killed this buck on the 16th after hunting 11 days..pretty tough conditions this year..bring on the elks!!
  12. Calbuck

    Cow Elk Near Price, UT

    Hey all, I "won" a cow hunt on a CWMU southwest of Price, UT. I've never been in that area and just curious if anyone has hunted near Gentry Mountain area. Don't know what to expect there, but hoping there's been enough weather/snow to move elk down. Any input welcome!
  13. Calbuck

    Got one..Idaho bull

    Not a giant, but I notched another bull tag. Very happy with him and I remain addicted to this sport!
  14. Calbuck

    Lower odds areas, Nevada

    I've often read that "every unit in Nevada holds big bucks". With that in mind, do you think the lower odds units actually have less deer and fewer big bucks in them, or is this a case of "loose lips sink ships" kind of deal? I'm looking at lower draw odds and more frequent hunting vs. more...
  15. Calbuck

    Idaho Unit 56 Muleys

    Anyone care to give some general info on the unit 56 conditions and herd numbers? Dad and I are headed to 55 for a draw cow tag, thought I might grab a 56 OTC deer tag if there's anything around... I've heard it's been pretty tough.
  16. Calbuck

    X zone buck down

    Got this one this morning..26" 4x3. Estimate his dressed weight around 150-160 lbs
  17. Calbuck

    Tree stand?

    I'm new to archery and looking at tree stands. Curious what people are using and what brands are showing better results than others? Post up your opinions please!
  18. Calbuck

    Idaho 8 x 7 Bull tagged!

    My first bull hunt went off with a bang..well, 7 bangs to be exact! Shot at this bull one time from 430 yds and missed Thurs morning. Glassed him and his smaller buddy up again that evening in a canyon about 2 miles from where I shot. Too late to go after him, so we made plans for a hunt the...
  19. Calbuck

    Eberlestock Just One vs. Kifaru Nomad

    Yeah, right. Not really apples to apples. But, I own both packs, and used both to pack out my cow in Nevada. The good: Eberlestock did actually carry meat well. It felt very stable with two full quarter bags in it (which I found I couldn't carry very far). It was as comfortable as could be...
  20. Calbuck

    Nevada tag filled

    Just got home from Area 6 mid season cow hunt. Couldn't have asked for anything better! Found a group of cows (and bulls) 20 minutes into our first glassing session, then it was pins and needles until season opened 4 days later. All the early season deer hunters had cow tags too, and they gave...