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    WTT NL pure 8x42 for 10x42

    pm sent
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    WTS First Lite, Kifaru, Kuiu

    What size are the gaiters?
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    Cow Poaching a big problem !

    Thieves. Don’t know what this has to do with poaching. Seems like they would like it associated with hunting somehow.
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    Sold Kuiu Gear Dump Mediums

    Is the strong fleece in vias or valo. Hard to tell which is which Eta never mind. Figured it out. Pm sent
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    What “luxury” items do you carry on your back?

    Real coffee.
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    Sharpening broad heads

    Some people’s idiocy knows no bounds. That said you would have to try very hard to screw this up. I only have the replacement blade model and it has worked beautifully on slick tricks, rage and wac ems. I mainly use automotive sand paper but have also used a stone and a strop. Blades end up...
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    Sold Tyto Knife & Spork

    Pm sent
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    “Don’t shoot my dog” etc

    “ then keep him the [email protected]#k away from me”
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    What the closest face-to-face encounters you've had with animals while hunting?

    I hit an aggressive black bear in the head with my water bottle once. he was huffing and started to climb the tree I was in.
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    Sharpening broad heads Best, easiest, cheapest.
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    Sold Heathers choice

    Two sockeye salmon chowder One bison chili One banana nutmeg breakfast $35.00 tyd PayPal ff or add a dollar First I’ll take it here.
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    Alaska vs Washington fishing charter

    I’ve been to Alaska sport fishing a dozen times, including last week. Always a good time, but it certainly isn’t what it used to be. Research what you want and where your going That said albacore tuna fishing is one of the funnest things you can do with a fishing rod, and is worth a dedicated...
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    Fires in the west

    I've had two fires close to home that went to level 2 evac. The blue mountains of Washington may not exist after this year, well over 100K acers burned there so far. Made a quick run to Missoula yesterday and everything was smoky. Don't know where the fires are but there were six Helos on the...
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    Another year, another WDFW donation

    I pulled any season deer and Palouse whitetail tag. I seem to pull a tag every couple years. I’ve had the Palouse tag a few times, couple archery bull tags, and the north chelan goat tag. 25 points for moose and sheep. I threaten to quit every year but will probably continue as long as I live here.
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    Optics setup for Kodiak

    My last goat hunt I took 12s and a spotter. Never put the binos on the tripod and wished I had something I could freehand better. Finding goats is pretty easy, you can do it with 8s. Then switch to the scope and figure out what your looking at. Your set up sounds great.
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    Sold Tarptent Notch

    Everything in the bag is 2lb 5.4 oz
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    Sold Tarptent Notch

    The poles are 6.9 oz on my kitchen scale They are Easton aluminum poles, I can’t remember exactly but I believe they were an extra 50 bucks. Can’t find them on the website now.
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    Sold Tarptent Notch

    Used a half dozen nights. no rips, tears or punctures. Looks brand new. Seam sealed by me. Includes Tarptent poles for use instead of trekking poles if you prefer. $235.00 shipped lower 48
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    WTB Tarp Tent Notch li

    If your not dead set on the LI, I have a standard that is available.