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  1. Bambistew

    Tok Air Canceling trips for 2021?

    I got a letter from Zach at Tok Air stating that the NPS pulled his permit to fly hunters into the preserve for 2021. I'd especially be worried if I had a sheep hunt booked, because you're now going to be hunting somewhere else, likey with someone else. He'll likely just blame the other...
  2. Bambistew

    Goretex Rain Jacket

    I'm looking for a new rain jacket for the wife. I'm perplexed as to why goretex jackets range in price from $100-700 if they are all guaranteed to keep you dry. What does that extra $600 get me?
  3. Bambistew

    Alaska Winter Kill

    As I alluded to earlier this year... In addition parts of the Alaska Range (South of Fairbanks) and the Brooks Range showed lower than expected populations; some units had the lowest numbers recorded in the last 15-20 years. Good luck, I think we might need it! Aerial sheep surveys reflect...
  4. Bambistew

    How bad will AK winter kill be?

    How bad do you think the winter kill will be on sheep this year in AK? Snow has piled up deep in many ranges, but generally I think we avoided most of the rain/chinook type weather. I'm sure the predators had a good winter eating sheep. I'm guessing it's going to be a bit more challenging than...
  5. Bambistew

    2016 dall hunt

    I posted this in another form last fall, but read through it again today... I'm sure some of you have seen it, but thought I would share. I've been dreaming of August and thinking I should probably start getting in shape and shoot the rifle. :) I've drawn some fun tags over the years, but...
  6. Bambistew

    2015 Ram

    This trip was originally planned for September, but schedules got tight between my work and hunting partner, Larry's, so we bumped up our sheep hunt to the first week, just a week before the season opened... We got in 2 days prior to the opener. This was a first for us, as we are lucky to make...
  7. Bambistew

    Family hunt

    I thought caribou hunting was supposed to be easy? I spent the better part of 4 weekends and 10 days trying to connect before finally putting one down the last afternoon of the season. Had some ups and downs with a lot of fun time spent in the mountains and swamps. Saw some giant bulls, but...
  8. Bambistew

    Holster on a Kifaru Bikini belt

    I'm looking for a way to attach a holster to a Bikini belt. I'm thinking I might have to change belts because I can't come up with a good solution. The "gear" strap (for lack of a better term) basically floats from the point where it attaches to the pack to the buckle, with a lot of slop. When I...
  9. Bambistew

    Dall Sheep hunt 2013

    Finally found a bit of time to put up a few pictures of my buddy and my sheep hunt from last fall. A bit of adventure in this trip, long walks, glaciers, bears, sheep, and hunters... We ended up chasing ghost sheep through the smoke for 3 days only to find ourselves about 15 miles from our...
  10. Bambistew

    2012 Dall Hunt

    Our hunt from last year. Planning on heading back next month, sans my partner. :( She's a bit out of sheep shape, because she's making a new sheep hunter. :) 38 days till wheels up! To start the trip, we left home two days before sheep season opened. The plan was to fly in early to beat...