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    WTS Turkey Vest/ MO turkey clothes/ Zink call/ Wool sweater

    I have a couple miscellaneous items that I would like to get rid of. Selling because I either don't use them or they no longer fit me. 1. Trophy Taker 5 arrow quiver - $20 TYD 2. Alpz Outdoors NWTF turkey vest (L/ XL). Used for part of one season and then hung up in the garage and never used...
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    WTB Bino Harness

    Looking for a bino harness. Prefer Marsupial Gear (small) or Outdoor Vision (medium). Not partial to any color.
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    Sold MF Bino Harness & OOAL Scput Solo

    Muley Freak bino harness with old style suspension. Been sitting in a box in the garage. Lightly used in the past, no tears or stains. $55 TYD Out On A Limb MFG Scout Solo. Lightly used two seasons ago but has been sitting in my garage since. I switched to a custom one stick and have no use for...
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    WTS SKRE gear

    I would like to sell the following three pieces as a bundle. They have only been worn a handful of times and then stored hanging in my garage. They are all MTN Stealth. Looking to get $200 for all three items TYD. PM for pictures. NWOT SKRE Hardscrabble pants. Worn twice. Size 38 NWOT Kaibab...
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    WTB First Lite Kiln or similar

    Looking to buy a Kiln (hoody preferably) or something comparable in XL. I'm not partial to any color in particular. Thanks! James
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    Sold Cabelas Pants

    Cabelas berber fleece pants for sale or trade. 8/10 condition, no holes or tears but there is some piling on the fleece. This is the old Cabelas Outfitter stuff, not the new junk they make. 60 TYD or trade for a fanny or lumbar style pack. Size 36 Reg.
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    Sitka MTN vs Grinder vs FL Corrugate Guide Pants

    I'm on a very tight budget and I can really only afford one pair of pants. I am planning an October muley hunt (probably next year) and then an archery (either mule deer or elk) hunt the following year. Out of the three options I listed, which would you choose, if you can only have one? I very...
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    Does anyone out there use either Tooth of the Arrow or Wasp broadheads? I've been looking to switch back from mechanicals to fixed blades this year. I had a bad experience on a whitetail last year after several seasons of good luck with mechanicals. The one bad day (which was probably mostly...
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    New member

    My name is James, I've lurked for quite a while now and just decided to join. I'm currently in the Army, located in VA (Arlington) for two more weeks and then I will PCS to Fort Benning. I'm a lifelong hunter but growing up in Florida my options were restricted to whitetail and hogs. I have...