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    Sold 2P Tent $150(ish)

    Hey, I’m looking for a 2 person, 3 season tent somewhere around $150 under 4lb trail weight. If someone has a really sweet setup for a little more I can consider that too. Price and quality have to match. Thanks
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    WTS/WTT 6 Gold Tip Pro - 400 Spine

    6 Gold Tip Pro, 400 spine (55/75). 29” from end of insert to center of nock. Factory vanes, nocks and aluminum inserts. Shot them for about a month, then bought a new bow and need a stiffer spine. Good condition and no damage, some vanes have a mark from contact with drop away, but no vane...
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    Sewing 1.1 Ripstop Game Bags

    Anyone sew 1.1 nylon ripstop? I’m going to make some game bags and and curious on needles and sewing this type of material. Any help would be great. I did buy some Guterman Mara 50 thread for the project and plan on using paracord for a drawstring. Thanks
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    Rokslide and Forum Rookie

    Hey guys, I’m a new member to Rokslide. After reading some articles and posts, I figured this was a forum I could join. I’m not a social media person or on any other forums so I am a rookie when it comes to that stuff. It’s great to see guys helping each other out and I am excited to learn from...