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  1. Broz

    WTB Good quality Bow Press, Board, and vice

    Wanted LCA EZ press or something similar. Need draw board and Bow vice too. Thanks
  2. Broz

    WTB WANTED: VV 24N41 Powder in Montana

    Need some Vihtavuori 24N41 in Montana for face to face purchase. If you have some to sell, or know of any on a shelf, please let me know. Thank you Jeff
  3. Broz

    The Big Sky ELR Rim Fire Challenge

    22's to how far? The Big Sky ELR Rim Fire Challenge Got a good shooting 22 LR ? Come join in the fun! Then attend the awards banquet with dinner and guest speaker Emil Praslick one of the best wind coaches know to man. Prize table is rich with plenty of gear and rifle parts. All detailed...
  4. Broz

    WTB: Outdoorsman's Tripod and head

    Thought I would try a WTB ad before I order new. Looking for an Outdoorsman's tall tripod and pistol grip head. Please pm me Thanks Jeff
  5. Broz

    WANTED: Option archery Option 8 or Trophy Taker Option 8

    Looking to buy Option archery Option 8 or Trophy Taker Option 8 sight. Thanks Jeff
  6. Broz

    Wanted!! Hoyt Defiant or BowTech BTX

    Thinking of an upgrade. Like something like Hoyt Defiant, Bowtech BTX or something along this line. 50 to 70 Draw weight 28 to 30" Draw Pm me please Thanks Jeff
  7. Broz

    Please Help Bring a LR rifle guy back to speed

    Please Help Bring a LR rifle guy back up to speed Hey friends, looking for some help. As some of you may know, I am an avid long range rifle guy. What you may not know is I use to bow hunt every year. So yesterday, I dug out my old bow. Its been 13 yrs since I took a great white tail buck at...
  8. Broz

    Nightforce SHV 4~15 x 50 F1 for sale

    SOLD Nightforce SHV 4~15 x 50 F1 for sale I have a lightly used Nightforce SHV F1 front focal plane with .25 moa turrets and the MOAR reticle. model number C556 Zero set, Ill reticle, covers , box, manual, clean warranty card. Only been on one rifle for a short time, worked flawlessly. No ring...
  9. Broz

    Nightforce TS-82 Spotting Scope Review

    Field Review: NIGHTFORCE TS-82 XTREME HI-DEF SPOTTING SCOPE: Upon recieving the Nightforce TS-82 20-70x Xtreme Hi-Def spotting scope, and opening the box it becomes clear there is everything you need included. The very well packaged box has not only the scope body but also a 20-70x eye...
  10. Broz

    LRO shoot in Sprague WA.

    Had a great time at the shoot. Even managed to shoot decent. Lots of great people there that could flat out shoot. My son put these two on the wolf at 1011 yards in a brisk full value wind. My one and only shot at 2320 yards.
  11. Broz

    Group Hugs ?

    And a round of Sierra Mist for everybody!! Do you feel group hugs are better than honest debate? Do you understand you do not have to read a debate it is a choice? Do you feel we all should just hug each other every few hours? If you are bullied, or insulted would you see it better to offer...
  12. Broz

    Wall Tent Stove ??

    I have a 12 x 17 Montana Canvas wall tent and I want to upgrade the stove. I have been using a Riley Wrangler wood stove. It is a light and nice little stove but on the colder nights it needs to be stoked about every 3 hours. I want to get a new stove, either wood, fuel oil, pellet or what...
  13. Broz

    Hello from Montana

    Hello all, my name is Jeff and I have a shooting addiction. I enjoy long range hunting and shooting ELR. Work on a ranch here in Montana when it is not hunting season. Hope I can enjoy some conversation here about the things we all love. Jeff