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    My Apologizes

    I called Camera Land for their Father’s Day sale and received a fantastic deal. This was my 3rd or 4th purchase from them and will be doing more in the future.
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    Wall Tent Rainfly/Tarp

    Although my stove comes out the wall, the tarp we use hangs over the eves far enough it contacts the stove pipe. The tarp just melts around the pipe, not on to the pipe, so no unraveling.
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    Washington State draws are out.

    Drew Coues Unit cow elk tag during the deer rifle season.
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    Idaho FNG

    Welcome, I jump the boarder as ofter as I can.
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    opinion for hunting tacoma or 4runner (already have a big truck)

    I’m in the same boat as the OP. I have a 3/4 Chevy diesel, and hate driving it on back roads. It’s great getting me and the fam with our camper to the camp spot, but after that I get rather annoyed with it. I’m going to buy a small truck of some kind. I have a RAV4 as a commuter, but it’s no...
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    Idaho spring bear info

    Are you planning on returning next year? Nice bear by the way.
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    Thread Size for Tikka T3x in 300 Win Mag

    I have a Muzzle Breaks and More break with 9/16x24 on my Tikka T3. This was suggested by Nathan @ MBM and so far no issues. Probably 30-50 rounds through it so far.
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    Does the 7mmRM just make more “cents” than the 280AI?

    I’d like to know what bullet this is and the BC. I would love to just use my 270 as it’s the first big game rifle I got. Lately I’ve been using IMR 7977, because RL 26 has been non existent for the last couple of years.
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    Does the 7mmRM just make more “cents” than the 280AI?

    From the research I’ve done, my 6.5 CM and 270 are pretty much twins energy wise. The only real advantage starts when you get 160s to 3000 in the 7mm. The 7RM and 280AI can both accomplish this. I’m thinking about just pushing the easy button and getting a Tikka 7RM. I want a round that will...
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    Does the 7mmRM just make more “cents” than the 280AI?

    I’ve been thinking real hard about rebarreling a 270 into a 280AI. I wondering if I would be better off just going with a 7RM? Depending on the rifle, I could be about $300 cheaper with a factory 7mm. I already have a good quantity of brass and dies for the 7mm. For me the biggest advantage of...
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    270 WSM 170 berger

    Those are both very legit reasons. I’m a big fan of the 270 Win, but the lack of long range bullets leaves me desiring a 7mm.
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    270 WSM 170 berger

    I’m curious why either of you would choose a custom barrel in 270 over a 7mm. To me just the bullet choices alone would highly favor the 7 WSM.
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    Pack help near Spokane WA

    Thanks guys, I got busy preparing for a couple spring bear hunts and this post slipped my mind. I’ll be in contact when I get up you way. Thanks, Matt
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    2019 Idaho backcountry spring bear hunt

    My 17 yo son joined me in Idaho this year. He drew a spring bear tag in WA last year, but he had no success. We spiked out from base camp the first two nights. The first night we went 3 miles to a favorite ridge and set up camp. At 4:00 we saw our first bear of the trip, and his first bear...
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    Idaho Spring Bear Hunt: Unit 1 vs 17

    I just got back from 17 on Wednesday. After several days of 80+ heat, and now continuous rain for 2 days! I doubt there’s much snow below 6500. I was up around 4800 on several ridges and the snow was way above me, even in the shade.
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    Let's See Your Semi-Custom Tikka Builds

    From what I’ve seen online the bolt stop is an easy modification. I slipped one of partners 280ai cartridge in a long action Tikka mag and it fit fine with a 162 ELDx loaded. I stole one of his brass so I can mess around with it a little..
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    Let's See Your Semi-Custom Tikka Builds

    Would a T3x in 6.5 Creed be suitable for a 280 AI build, or would I be better off starting off with a long action caliber? I realize the action is the same and the only difference is the magazine and bolt stop.