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  1. sn.outdoors

    WTS 308 savage barrel

    Small shank Factory take off with 400ish rounds through it, and it actually shot really well. 1:10 twist $50 and it's yours "Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you." ~Mike Rowe
  2. sn.outdoors

    WTS McMillan Hunters Edge LA 700 -$350tyd

    I have a McMillan Hunters Edge I bought for a lightweight Sporter I was going to build. Ended up going a different route entirely and no longer have a need for it. Rem700 long action Badger M4 inlet (m5 dbm fits but will require some sanding) #3 Douglas contour barrel channel No pillars...
  3. sn.outdoors

    Average Joe's 2018

    It’s that time again! Looking back at our thread from last season, Dan and I decided to keep our goals basically the same. We hope share our experiences in the most authentic way we...
  4. sn.outdoors

    Parachute Game Bags

    I had some extra parachute material laying around the house (an old out of service mc1-1c), and I threw together a few meat sacks. I wasn't trying to be exact with dimensions. The largest bag is way bigger than I'll probably ever need, but it did hold all 160lbs of me without any issues...
  5. sn.outdoors

    FS: Hennessy Deep Jungle Zip XL

    $300 shipped Lightly used (2 nights) Hennessy Deep Jungle Zip XL w/ explorer deluxe​ asym rainfly & double bubble xl pad. Will also come with 2 North Face stakes At $300 you're getting the tarp and pad for free and a light discount on the hammock.
  6. sn.outdoors

    Lowa Hunter GTX Extreme boots 9.5

    After pcs-ing I found a pair of boots I've moved across the country several times, but never wear. I wore them on 2 week long winter hunts, but they're too tight in the toes for me. $200tyd PayPal. If you're in the Boise area PM me. Size 9.5
  7. sn.outdoors

    2016 NM Elk Gila Bull

    I wasn't lucky enough to draw a NM elk tag this year, but was planning on helping one of my best friends who drew a 16d tag. Despite not drawing the tag I was pumped to hunt with my buddy in arguably one of the best units in the US. A few weeks out from the season he learned he wasn't able to go...
  8. sn.outdoors

    2016 NM Mule Deer

    I couldn't be more happy with my first mule deer. I'm glad I held out for a nicer buck. Quite a few smaller legal bucks tempted me, and I caught some grief and jabbing from my hunting buddies. Having been in NM for over 3 years, I knew there could be a big buck behind any one of the sand dunes...