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    Pack selection

    Hope it fits you well. I am 6'7" and the Kifaru frames have been great for me. Was carrying 80 plus pounds up 200 steps a few times this morning and the pack felt great. Can't say the same for my thighs but I am getting there and I do have time still.
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    how much powder

    100 grains of Swiss with a .570 roundball this year.
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    Berger 135 gr CH in 6.5 Creedmoor

    I was getting 2750 fps and very good sd using the 135 berger factory ammo in a 22" barrel. Be curious if that is what you guys see. It is priced very well due to the lapua brass you are getting.
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    Bullet recommendations

    Killed a lot of critters with a 85 grain Sierra HPBT. Any of the bullets mentioned above would be fine. Whatever the rifle likes, roll with it.
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    2019 Hunting Load Recipes

    30-06 59.5 H4350 155 scenar 6.5x47 39.8 H4350 147 eld
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    New bear and deer caliber help

    Just shot it again this am. Velocity was actually lower than I thought but accuracy is quite good. 2775 fps.
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    Anyone using Hornady ELD Match for LR hunting?

    What do you think is the lowest velocity that a 147 ELD would expand well at? Got some going out of a short barreled rig like Luke's and I am curious.
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    New bear and deer caliber help

    My rig this fall for bears is an 18” barreled 30-06 shooting 155 scenars. I do shoot across some canyons and it will do fine. I would use any of your 3 rigs to 600 yards if they shoot well. Not much time till season, good luck!
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    New bear and deer caliber help

    As a point of reference, son hammered a very large old CO black bear last year at 430 yards with a 140 berger vld doing about 2750 fps at the muzzle. So going out on a limb and saying, both rounds would provide more than enough. Buy whatever round you will enjoy shooting and will shoot a lot...
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    Light weight rifles with “heavy scopes”.

    Every one of my rifles from 5.5 pounders to 11 pounders have 20 ounce or heavier scopes that dial and return to zero. Most are in heavier duty rings and rails also. And yes, have had some other well known lighter scopes puke on me. So far the 20 ounce to 30 ounce scopes I am using have caused no...
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    I shoot the 140 vld with great success on game. The 160 woodleigh shoots very well with h1000. And the 147 eld also has been very accurate. Mine is a 8 twist and waiting on a new barrel at present. New chamber will be 6.5-270 since I prefer sizing down and now won’t need to trim to length. RL26...
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    Aging meat

    I aged some sharptails last year for 7 days with feathers and guts inside. Turned out very delicate and delicious. Going to be a lot of pheasants hanging around my barn this fall.
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    300 wsm muzzle brake advice

    Have you shot it without the brake? Got a pic of the whole rifle?
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    Reputable Gunsmith Help does my Rem 700 stuff. Very fast, very good.
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    Which to shoot first?

    Shooting my suppressed 6.5x47 with a UL7 screwed on, I'll bust the buck, rack the kung fu shifter and drop the elk. Then start texting the posse for help. Actually after being a dedicated raghorn killer my whole life, I'd shoot the buck only. We really like pre-rut mule deer bucks and we'd be...
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    Rifle stock upgrade for Western hunts

    Just call McMillan and be prepared to wait a bit. Worth it though.
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    Best shooting position in the field?

    Prone would be preferred but many times the terrain won't allow it. My daughter has an excellent elk tag this fall and we are working on sitting with a Harris bipod. She is doing quite well with that setup and I think it adds another great option.
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    LW hunting suppressors

    Original barrel was 22" and got 2800 fps with 180 accubond. Cut barrel is doing 2700 fps. The 155 scenars with H4350 are giving me 2825 fps and its first time I have shot them. My 6.5-06 lost less than 125 fps after cutting it 6" down to 18".
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    LW hunting suppressors

    One of mine. Remington B series BDL with sporter barrel at 18". Last 4 shots with 155 scenar, 30-06. Quiet, low recoil, highly accurate.
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    LW hunting suppressors

    I use on everything from medium palma down to light sporter contours. I just put adapters on each depending on barrel diameter. I know they cost a bit, but works great for me.