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  1. Desk Jockey

    Ultralight Foam Pad Under Sleeping Pad?

    Yep. I will run a variety of foam pads under my inflatable. When not in sleep mode they are camp seats and glassing pads, etc. - Seek outside mountian mat is the lightest at 8 oz or less cut to the width of your pad or keep it 40 inches and it can double as a ground cloth. - thermarest z...
  2. Desk Jockey

    Sitka Jacket - Which One?

    I sort of agree. Quietest pieces are in the whitetail line. I have a kelvin lite hoody. Warm. It has a nylon outer shell. As an out layer it is a little noisy for treestands IMO. Might also be a bit too warm for 40-50* depending on how you layer. I have worn mine underneath a soft...
  3. Desk Jockey

    Day pack/hauler

    Go pop up. If you go pintler or mule you have about 3 more pounds of pack than you need. A pop up will haul a quarters up deer And is a smaller, better daypack.
  4. Desk Jockey

    Boxers and socks

    +1 for these and 1shot is a great place to buy. I also wear my under Armour heat gear that I use to work out in. On the sock front I run a mix of Thorlo and darn tough
  5. Desk Jockey

    Wear Ear Pro, Folks: Hearing Loss at 23

    Shooting a gun, even a 22, one time causes some level of permanent, irreparable hearing damage. It is cumulative over your life time and will eventually result in loss of hearing. I double ear pro on the range. Crushable and electronic headphones. In the woods I use in ear plugs. I...
  6. Desk Jockey

    Lightweight footwear when not hiking

    There are a couple of threads here on the merits of crocs so I won’t rehash them. I am back to crocs myself. Regular version is lighter than the off-road. Weigh 10oz or so depending on size. Comfy and can also handle a stream crossing with ease. They are a bit bulky but I usually clip...
  7. Desk Jockey

    Wine with game meat

    Talk at me about your favorite wine to go with game meat. I am more of a bourbon / beer guy but I cracked open a nice Australian Shiraz / cab this weekend from penfolds while grilling up some deer steaks. It got me thinking I could step up my game on the grape juice side. Mainly Looking for...
  8. Desk Jockey

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf lost!...Sales receipt Needed...HELP!

    Theft or pilferage is a different ball game than a lost bag. I had someone lift my shaving kit out of the top of my military duffle years ago. Seems like a small thing but in addition to my shaving stuff it had a couple dozen pairs of my contacts and a pair of prescription glasses inside it...
  9. Desk Jockey

    Non-mummy bag help

    I am big in the shoulders - XXL 48/50 coats - and a side sleeper. I had a Montbell burrow bag I like. Spiral baffles and stretch stitching make it move with you a bit and at a cheap price. I decided to look at a new 20* bag and I gave a hard look to western mountaineering but ultimately...
  10. Desk Jockey

    Being young making decisions would you do it all over again.

    I will throw in here. Most of the people I know that were guides or something similar (outward bound instructors, Martial artists, etc.) that did low paying passion jobs were very happy for a while. Some found ways to make that passion into rewarding careers. Some tried to and failed in...
  11. Desk Jockey

    Mystery Ranch 3DAP

    I had one for a while. A few overnighters with it. A bit too large and heavy for EDC. I was using it as a hunting day pack but it hadn’t been in the woods since I bought the pop up 28. I use a smaller mr pack or a 3 way briefcase if I am carrying a laptop.
  12. Desk Jockey

    Pack ideas for very light and fast bowhunting

    MR pop up 28. Will haul some meat when needed.
  13. Desk Jockey

    Gloves and Durability

    I have big hands so a lot of gloves don’t fit me. I tried some first lite gloves and didn’t care for them. Currently using a pair of OR gloves. I have gotten a lot of use out of a FHF muff with heaters in it and thin or no gloves while bow hunting. My hand stay toasty when standing still.
  14. Desk Jockey

    Best value on 0 and 20 degree bags

    I would throw north face cats meow into the mix. I have owned 3 in 25 years and they are probably the best value going for a 20* bag. Also a Montbell burrow bag. Stretchy seems offer s bit more room. Both can be had for about $125-150. I recently bought a Nemo forte. Love the fit but...
  15. Desk Jockey

    Ultralight Backpacking Tent

    I have been eyeballing a Stratospire vs a duplex. The zpacks is lighter. The strat can be set up without the inner liner. Both are crazy light. Wish I could handle them in person before dropping that coin.
  16. Desk Jockey

    Leuko tape alternative

    Gorrila tape didn’t adhere well for me. I use old school duct tape or the military colored version. Spyro foam too.
  17. Desk Jockey

    Vista Outdoor - sells Savage

    Hmmm. I am not a big fan of the REI situation, but vista has been selling out of some brands. They sold their eyewear holdings and a few others last year. I will say it is hard for a firearms company to be a public company these days.
  18. Desk Jockey

    Vista Outdoor - sells Savage

    New buyer is a group of investors led by current CEO. Not sure who backed them but it ended up as a management buyout. Rumor is they shopped it late last year and early this year to major brands but didn’t get a deal done.
  19. Desk Jockey

    Base Camp Tarp

    I am a fan of a seek outside dst. Only 10x10 and I haven’t used mine for more than 3 x people as a camp tarp. If I needed something bigger, I would think about buying another and chaining them. That way I could scale up or down based on need and size of available pitch sites.
  20. Desk Jockey

    Sitka Mountain Pant vs cheaper?

    I like the fit and function of zions but have not owned them long enough to test durability. You could buy 3 pair for the price of a set of Sitka though. Kuiu attacks and the firstlite list cheaper. No knee pads but they have their charms. Also,there are places where mountains can be...