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    Need Help Determining Kifaru Duplex Hunter Frame Length

    Wouldn’t it be easiest to remove the current stays and measure them?
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    WTS Kifaru Duplex Lite and Accessories (New)

    If you do separate I’d take the lid
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    Anyone Buy A New 4Runner Recently?

    Good luck finding one. Our Toyota dealerships said they aren’t getting any in the near future. They had one new $70k tundra, and like 2 tacomas.
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    Spartan bipod hunt pro vs hunt tac pro

    Can someone with some experience with these help me out. Is the only difference between them the mechanism to raise and lower the legs?
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    Buying my first used boat today...

    I would for sure check compression and spark
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    Sold Marsupial gear pouches

    Almost new (one weekend fishing trip) bear spray and large zippered pouch. Both in ranger green. Bear spray retail $36 - $30 shipped Large pouch retail $38 - $30 shipped PayPal G & S is fine, pro e includes fees.
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    WTS Outdoor research gaiter, marsupial bino pack

    Bump, gaiters now $50
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    First time applying for antelope tags. Advice on places to start?

    There are no points for the doe tag draws. You might start there to get your feet wet and then you can hunt and build points at the same time.
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    max weight backpacking bag

    You might want to adjust your weight expectations. Even the super fancy high end down bags will be 3+ lbs for a 0 degree.
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    Is this Kryptek Sheep hunt film satire?

    “I knew it was going to be a gun fight” couldn’t fit that video any better. That quite is as cringey as the rest of it. Like we’re they shooting back? I’d be pissed if I was the guy who actually drew the tag. Here’s a hunt of a lifetime and the old guy just emptied his rifle and only killed...
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    WTS Outdoor research gaiter, marsupial bino pack

    Bump still have the gaiters
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    Eating less on hunts?

    Loss of appetite is pretty common at higher altitudes. You also maybe eating different things, back packing food is a lot different than what most people eat on a regular basis.
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    Eddie Bauer cirrusLite down jacket

    Everything I have from Eddie Bauer has run very true to size. So I would order the size you normally buy.
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    Covid Booster

    Nope. No reason other than to protect us…
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    Covid Booster

    My employer is now requiring we get the booster immediately or will be considered non compliant. Wonder how fast immediately is? They have given no deadline or anything. Pretty tired of this.
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    WTS Outdoor research gaiter, marsupial bino pack

    Marsupial bino pack spf
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    Ammunition shortage & inflation

    I’d be interested to see when or if they get sued for price fixing. The meat packers got the shit sued out of them for price fixing. Like hundreds of millions of dollars.
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    Best Practices for Making Purchases on the Classified Section

    Use common sense, if it smells fishy it probably is. Check out the persons post history. And pay attention to how they write and the words they use. All in all I’ve had very good success as both a buyer and a seller here.

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