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  1. DWarcher

    WTS SEVR Titanium 2.1 100 Grain Broadheads

    I'm selling 6 new Sevr 2.1 100 Grain Broadheads. $65 for all six with free shipping. Paypal only please.
  2. DWarcher

    WTS Kifaru 14'r

    Looking to move my Kifaru 14'r. It's it great shape other than a couple of stains on the lid (see photo). I really haven't tried to get rid of them so it might clean right up. Wold Grey, medium belt and doubled up ul composite arrow stays. Asking $325 OBO with free shipping...Paypal only.
  3. DWarcher

    WTS Misc Gear...Kifaru, FHF, HPG, Manfrotto

    Looking to unload some things I haven't used in a while. All prices include shipping...PayPal only. Hill People Gear C25M Bag. Brand New Foliage $50. Works great as a camp drop bag...2800 ci. Manfrotto Mini Ball Head 494...does NOT include the RC2 Quick Release Plate $30 All...
  4. DWarcher

    Leica Spotting Scope Cover

    Brand new never opened Snug Fit Scope Skin for a Leica 62 Angled Spotting Scope. The material is black neoprene. $40 via PayPal...shipping is free!
  5. DWarcher

    Another CA Wilderness Blacktail

    Just got back from a short weekend trip in one of our CA wilderness areas. My buddy Jeff was able to connect on this great blacktail. It's his story to tell so maybe he will chime in here at some point. If not, then we will just enjoy the pictures. A couple of notes from me: - The buck...
  6. DWarcher

    CA Results

    California results are up boys! Drew my third pronghorn tag...struck out on everything else.
  7. DWarcher

    Laramie Guys...a little help!

    My youngest son Hunter is going to be heading back to UW this fall for school and I was wondering if any of you fellow Rocksliders know of any job opportunities for a hard working young man. He has been holding down a job while going to one of our local community colleges out here and while he...
  8. DWarcher

    Wyoming Results

    They're posting tomorrow boys...good luck to everyone that's in!
  9. DWarcher

    Some Off-Season Fun

    Was out checking my cameras the other day and ran into a group of these little's my 8 month old Lab's first retrieve! :D One ham is getting smoked, the other will be for prosciutto and bolth sholders will make some good soups/stews...these sure are some good eatin' critters!
  10. DWarcher

    Hey Wyoming Guys...Cow Elk Help

    Since my general season archery hunt resulted in no meat on the ground I am considering a bonzai trip next week back to units 92/94 to fill my tag with a cow. I have only hunted the area in September so I was wonderining what elevation you guys are typically seeing the cows during the first part...

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