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    KS Antelope

    Thanks, yeah I’ve heard it isn’t hard to get on private out there. I’ll do some research on the phone gps and see if I can’t contact a few.
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    KS Antelope

    Anyone done this hunt, I drew the short rifle season unit 2 tag. Plan is to hunt WIHA as I know no one in that part of KS. I know there are some nice bucks but a very small overall population. If anyone has any pointers for this hunt I’m all ears, I wouldn’t think pressure wouldn’t be too...
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    ATV theft prevention. What are you guys using?

    You guys do realize full coverage insurance with a low deductible is dirt cheap.
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    Colorado 2020-2024 BGSS - Final Recommendations Published

    Believe he means the weekend before and after it allowing guys to hunt weekend to weekend only using 4 vacation days, only the weekend after would be in season now and those that can’t use much vacation will probably reconsider to a degree.
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    Colorado 2020-2024 BGSS - Final Recommendations Published

    My guess, they used the Bear rifle start date and just decided to match them up.
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    Colorado 2020-2024 BGSS - Final Recommendations Published

    Other then that doesn’t seem to be much of a change overall except for fewer days for 2nd and 3rd rifle.
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    ATV theft prevention. What are you guys using?

    Same here, never worried about it and won’t start.
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    Athlon Ares BTR 2.5-15x50 Riflescope Review, By Tim Hanses

    I’ve had zero problems dialing or returning to zero. I moved it to my 22 and have been shooting out to 300 yards with it so it’s dialed a bunch between it’s zero at 50 and out to 300. I probably have close to 4K rounds under this, most being from my 22 but it gets dialed a lot. I liked it so...
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    Calling early season Colorado

    My suggestion, if asking at this point plan on not calling, you’ll do more damage then good. Start practicing and understanding what the elk are saying and then you’ll know what to do for each season/situation or have a good idea. If you just go out there calling, cow or bull don’t be shocked...
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    6.5 Grendel with 100gr Barnes TTSX for elk?

    Personally I would buy her a sub $500 gun that fits her and is either a 6.5cm, 7mm-08 or 308. I would put a brake on it as the added sound doesn’t matter when practicing with hearing protection but will help with felt recoil which will scare a kid more then the sound. Get her shooting a 22 and...
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    What do i need to get my binos to mount to a tripod?

    I would go with the Outdoorsmans Bino Hand.
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    Finally.... the new SWARO

    So it ranges for you but has no exposed turret for dialing and is marketed to medium to long range hunters, I don’t get it or is that just the cheap version for $3800 that doesn’t have an exposed turret?
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    Hmm I’ve used both and far prefer Gaia over OnX but everyone will have personal pref. Not sure what you mean on property boundary’s as both have this same data.
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    Kifaru Duplex Lite - CF Arrow Stays

    I’ve ran 2 arrows in each sleeve for a few years without issue.
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    Deal on a Traeger?

    Win it in a raffle like I did, lol. I’m sure there are retailer discounts and sales to keep an eye on. I’ll say this though, after owning one if I had known how much I like it I would of paid retail.
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    Don't believe everything you see in Instagram etc(poaching)

    That’s crazy, Gritty owes Snyder his current way of life, otherwise he wouldn’t of been anything in the hunting community but a small podcast. Sad if true.
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    GPS watch? Traverse alpha or Garmin Instinct?

    Another vote for the instinct, have had mine 9 months or so, whenever it first came out. Battery life is still very long lived and not showing any signs of reducing.
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    New pack hint on the Exo site.

    Man not sure there could be a more obvious sign 😀
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    New pack hint on the Exo site.

    They would kill 1.587 elk.
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    Well pre order exo is up

    Will do. I didn’t have an issue mounting up the previous lid and really only webbing and buckle size changed, probably be easier to mount the new one.