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    Spotters: Increased bang for the buck with increased price?

    BTW, I'd put my Baush & Lomb spotter from waaay back when against any Vortex. B&L had killer glass in the day. I still break it out once in a while when I don't feel like dragging around the BTX
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    Spotters: Increased bang for the buck with increased price?

    That's a helluva deal on the Meo. I gave my mom the angled version of that setup. She loves it. It's all she will ever need to watch deer on the ridge. But I gave it to her after I bought my BTX 95. Once you look thru something like that, you can't go back.
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    Sako 85 Carbonlight impressions?

    I threaded my barrels 1/2X28. I'm running a couple of SiCo Omega 30s. I've threaded all of my Tikkas (270, 7RM, 270WSM, 223) 1/2X28 as well. I'm running direct thread for suppressor attachment.
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    Do you hunt clean or dirty?

    Dirty. A couple of winters ago, I got ambitious and cleaned about 30 of my daily go-to rifles. Was real proud of myself. Put them up in the safe all clean. Took a couple varmint rifles out in early spring. .5MOA rifles went to 3MOA rifles. Now I had to go back and find EVERY rifle that I...
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    Knife recommendations

    When I was gutting 4-10 deer per day, I went down the knife rabbit hole. This is what I learned. Some of my high end / exotic steel knives were not performing as well as I thought they should. They were plenty sharp but not going through the meat very well. So I started looking at the...
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    How much recoil does a suppressor cut?

    I run the SiCo Omega 30 with a break. Best of both worlds. Makes my 300 Wby feel like an un-breaked 243. I also feel that the noise reduction eliminates a lot of the perceived recoil.
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    Sako 85 Carbonlight impressions?

    I own two, one in 22-250, the other in 243. Both topped with Swaro Z3 4-12X50 scopes. The 243 is my go to. Deer, rock chuck, coyote, cow elk, etc. Finest rifles I own. If one was lost or stolen, I would replace in kind ASAP. Love the top loading mag, the smooth feed and bolt action...
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    Worth upgrading Elite Energy 35 60 lb bow to something faster?

    I also own an E35 #70. I have mine backed off to about #65ish. I keep buying bows to find something "better". The E35 seem to have a bit of a cult following. I keep coming back to it. Keep your E35, you may very well regret selling it. If you need more power, find a newer #80. Elite did...
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    AR-10 Hunting Rifle Recommendations?

    I know OP spec'd an AR, but of all my AR-10 size guns, my favorite is the Scar 17. Shoots super soft, lighter than my Armalite's, runs clean and cool. If I could only pick one gun for a do-all hunting / SHTF / self defense / fun, it would be the Scar 17 easy. Many here will not agree... PS...
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    Sako Super Hammerhead Ammo?

    All of the Sako ammo is excellent
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    Swaro’s for Leupolds…am I nuts??

    I own both. Depends on my mood and cost / availability when buying. I really like the lower power Leupolds for lightweight glass. Go above 8 power I feel the edge goes to Swaro for clarity. Go above 14-or 16 and I don't find it even close, Swaro all day. I feel the Swaro Z3 line might be...
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    Talk me out of a Swaro X5i

    I have one on my Armalite AR10 SASS. Love it. Can't say how it tracks next to a Nightforce, but the glass.... Can't beat Swaro for clarity. Swaro is what made me realize clarity trumps magnification. Back to the X5, yes the juice is worth the squeeze.
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    Best 10mm Hollow Point

    10mm Auto 140gr. Xtreme Penetrator
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    Welcome to SilencerCo

    I own 10+ SiCo suppressors. I refuse to buy another brand. The reason for my loyalty is twofold; first is their customer service. SiCo has the absolute BEST CS in the entire firearms industry. Second, they make awesome products. I have taken a can down to their HQ with a (self induced)...
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    Links to ammo currently available online:

    I ordered some 300blk from LAX Ammo 2 weeks ago, they are good to go. Ammo showed up in 3-4 days within ordering, tracking number provided as soon as shipped.
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    243/6.5CM/7-08 WTH Do I Choose?

    Also, my daughter has been shooting her Browning micro midas 243 at deer and rock chucks / praire dogs since she was 11yo. Plenty of gun, but not too much gun...
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    243/6.5CM/7-08 WTH Do I Choose?

    One vote for the 243 here.. Fast, flat and great for deer. I've shot close to 100 deer with 243 from 30yds to 400yds. I use Sako 100gr Gamehead factory loaded out of my Sako Carbonlight 243. Fun fact, the Tikka SL uses the same barrel as the Sako Carbonlight. Also, you can run the 58gr V-Max...
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    Fluting a factory barrel

    I have found that when I have a gun that shoots exceptionally well, I don't touch it. Guns that have shot well pre-thread have not shot the same after threading. Adding a can changes things too. Research barrel harmonics for more info. It could be a crapshoot....
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    Cartridge’s seemingly meant for shorter barrels/suppressors

    277 Wolverine, a necked down 300 BLK runs great out of 10" +/-
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    muzzle cover while hunting

    One tip here, if you hunt with a suppressor, rubbers (condoms), work very well. Not so good on a barrel though. I buy a big box of no lube from Amazon at the start of the season. And they do double duty as... Nevermind