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  1. Desk Jockey

    Glock 29 - Trigger Kits I should checkout?

    You can easily do both of these with a little mechanical knowledge And a couple of punches. the trigger connector is a 2 minute swap And is the best bang for buck mod for a glock. The polish job is a 30 minute thing and can smooth the trigger out a bit more. if you are using this for bear...
  2. Desk Jockey

    Glock 29 - Trigger Kits I should checkout?

    Ghost connector
  3. Desk Jockey

    Glock 29 - Trigger Kits I should checkout?

    Trigger job
  4. Desk Jockey

    Glock 29 - Trigger Kits I should checkout?

    Not sure what your intended use is. A Ghost connector is an easy way to lighten the trigger pull and with a few minutes you can polish a few surfaces on the intervals and have a pretty slick trigger by glock standards. That is how my “woods” g20 is set up. in 30 years of shooting glocks I...
  5. Desk Jockey

    Firstlite Catalyst coming unglued?

    Finally got my replacement jacket from FL. Took a month and a couple of reminder emails, but overall a pleasant process. pocket seam is the same as my original, glued and not stitched along the bottom. Makes me wary. The last blow out cost me a nice flashlight. I could see having...
  6. Desk Jockey

    2022 Tundra

    How was pricing? I have been kicking around the idea of an update, but vehicle prices seem Insane to me.
  7. Desk Jockey

    2022 Shot Show

    Wasnt able to attend but I hear mystery ranch launched some new packs in their military line. Not sure what else.
  8. Desk Jockey

    Sitka vs. First Lite for Whitetails?

    Wrapping up late season here in PA, although I bought them 3 years ago, this was the first time I put my solitudes to “heavy use”. Probably 20+ days in the field with a mix of still hunting and stand sitting for whitetail and a duck hunting trip. - mine are the 1.0 and though not windproof...
  9. Desk Jockey

    Pop up 38

    I just spent 6 hours across a night and a morning trailing a wounded deer in some snowy country in PA. More thicket and briars tHan I would like. Hands and knees and a little belly crawling through some nasty stuff. My lightly loaded pop up 38 was as compact as I could hope. I would not...
  10. Desk Jockey

    Anyone use a monocular?

    I did for a while. Now I get 6x with my sig kilo Range finder for not much more weight. Anything more than that and I will pull my binos.
  11. Desk Jockey

    Post season leather boot care - what do you do?

    In the coming weeks I will be packing up my hunting stuff until spring Turkey. My cold gear won’t see use until the Fall. it’s gear maintenance and replacement time for me and i am wondering what people do for leather boots after season (mine are kenetreks, crispi and danner, if that...
  12. Desk Jockey

    Pistol carry for women backcountry hunting, backpacking, and living in the field

    I have a qubl but haven’t played with it much yet. There are spacers you can buy to adjust the belt width on a UBL. if you go with a plate and fork system you can move the holster to a mole belt. Just make sure to zip tie it or lock it with some 550 cord, don’t rely being threaded through molle
  13. Desk Jockey

    Pistol carry for women backcountry hunting, backpacking, and living in the field

    Maybe look at something that will drop your holster below your hip belt. I used a device called a UBL from safariland.
  14. Desk Jockey

    Anyone used the REI Half Dome SL3+ tent?

    I have an older one. It is fine. Doesn’t see a ton of use Since I bought a z packs 3 person. It is like most REI gear I have owned - functional, durable and reasonably priced, if not the bleeding edge of innovation. If I were buying today (and didnt want to pay up for Dyneema) I would...
  15. Desk Jockey

    MR Pop Up 38 Owners

    Apples and oranges. The pop ups are great as daypacks that can haul on occasion but aren’t in the same league of comfort and carrying capacity as a full sized frame. The Pinter is a good pack. It and the frame are going to be more bulky on your back but it is a better general purpose bag...
  16. Desk Jockey

    Tikka stock decisions...

    Welcome. others can chime in. After years of shooting my tikkas I finely decided to do a stock up grade. I was looking for mid cost, lighter weight and reasonable leadtimes. I focused on: AG alpine hunter Mesa Grayboe Pheonix i have the Mesa on order. 4-6 week weight. I have been a...
  17. Desk Jockey

    WTS McMillan Gamescout Rem 700 LA stock

    Specs on inlet, bottom metal and LOP?
  18. Desk Jockey

    UA and Cam Hanes part ways

    Slight refocus, what about Remi and Solo Hunter? I didnt see any UA hunting gear at my local Dicks and even their website is pretty bare. are they dumping hunting Altogether?
  19. Desk Jockey

    Robin sage excercise

    @beachbunny Robin Sage has been thematically similar since it’s inception in 1974. green beret candidates parachute or airlift in to areas in rural NC and work with a combination of “regular” army personnel, local law enforcement and local civilians to simulate the creation and training of an...
  20. Desk Jockey

    Hunting Whites - High Performance/Cheap

    unless you are hunting. A winter wonderland, I wouldn’t over think it. I find it is better to go with thin cover ups (over whites) and rely on my other regular hunting clothing for warmth and waterproofness. Also, unless you are hunting some place that is completely Snow White, it is nice...